Please Expect Minor Delays In The Delivery Due To The Weather Situation.
A Special 10% Off on your first order. Use code WELCOME10 .
Please Expect Minor Delays In The Delivery Due To The Weather Situation.
A Special 10% Off on your first order. Use code WELCOME10 .
Please Expect Minor Delays In The Delivery Due To The Weather Situation.
A Special 10% Off on your first order. Use code WELCOME10 .
Please Expect Minor Delays In The Delivery Due To The Weather Situation.
A Special 10% Off on your first order. Use code WELCOME10 .
Please Expect Minor Delays In The Delivery Due To The Weather Situation.
A Special 10% Off on your first order. Use code WELCOME10 .
Please Expect Minor Delays In The Delivery Due To The Weather Situation.
A Special 10% Off on your first order. Use code WELCOME10 .

Winter SkinCare Essentials – Beat Cold Weather With best Products

The dark days, biting chill, and breath-taking winds in winters do not only put down your mood but also affect your complexion as well. The cold weather can make your skin dry, flaky, and even inflamed much faster than you pronounce ‘knitwear’.

Do you know that you can enjoy plump, happy, and glowing skin throughout the winter? Now, wondering how to achieve hydrated and luminous skin? All you need is the expert know-how and the best skin care products.

There is no doubt that you can find endless winter skincare essentials and hair care products in the market formulated specifically to ease skin issues in the winters. But have you ever tried Anahata Organic products? If not, this is the right time to try something to keep your skin looking its best throughout the winter months.

So, to help you get started with the perfect shopping for your skin care and hair care, we have collected a list of some products that you will surely find beneficial in all aspects.

Even if you think that sitting by a roaring fire can help you ease your skin’s dryness and irritation, you are wrong. Even this thing can also make your skin dry. Though a hot shower is a good way to warm you up, your skin will become dry by stripping natural oils from it.

But there are various simple and easy ways that enable you to combat the causes of dry skin in the winter. They help in keeping your skin feel moist and supple all through the season. This is where Anahata Organic products exist as the rescuers. All of these products are curated in the Himalayas, thus bringing the perfect formulations in the most ethical way. You can also work on some easy changes to your daily skincare routine.

For example, after taking a hot shower, you can use face cream, serum, or body lotion to seal the water into the skin.

Before we proceed to the best products for effective winter skincare and haircare, let’s have a look at some of the essential winter skincare tips.

Some Beneficial Winter SkinCare Essentials Tips

1. Invest in a Humidifier

If you don’t have a humidifier in your home or office, it’s the right time to invest in it. Using a humidifier in your place works great in adding moisture to dry out winter air. This, in turn, helps in keeping your skin hydrated. Try to use a humidifier in the areas where you spend the most time.

2. Reduce the Thermostat

When there is chilly weather, what do you do as the first thing? You do all possible things to crank up the heat. If you are using central heat, it makes the air even drier. Make sure to set the thermostat in a cool and comfortable setting. This step works effectively in maintaining healthy skin.

3. Limit your Shower Time

Many people have a habit of spending a long under the steamy shower. If you are the one among them, you must know that a long hot shower makes your skin drier. So, make sure to keep it for 5-10 minutes only and that too of lukewarm water. You should also avoid using hot water for washing your hands. Instead, use cool water as it is quite effective in removing germs, just like warm water and less irritating.

4. Use Gentle & Fragrance-free Cleansers

Do you know that even the wrong soap can deteriorate your itchy and dry skin? So, it is better to use a fragrance-free and moisturizing cleanser or gel. Also, to prevent winter skin issues, try to use less soap overall.

5. Change your Facial Skincare Regimen

During winters, it is recommended to use face creams and serums that are designed to ease your winter skin problems. You can use cream-based cleansers and then apply toner. When you have dry and itchy skin, you need not use products containing alcohol and fragrances. At night, don’t forget to use a moisturizer on your face.

6. Use Moisturizer Frequently

Make sure to maintain healthy skin by using a moisturizer after you wash your face and hands. You can use body lotion, face creams or serums in the winter. Hand washing is important, especially during cold and flu season. Apply a moisturizer or hand cream every time you wash your hands.

Winter Skincare Essentials - Best Face Cream, Face Serum, Body Lotion, Facewash, Massage Oil, Lip Balm, & Hair Oil For Dry Winter Skin

It is true that how your skin looks and feels usually changes with the changing environment around you. Dealing with dry and flaky skin during winters can be frustrating. But, when you use the right products, you can ease these skin problems. If you have very dry skin during winter, you can use a relatively lightweight lotion to a thick cream.

Here, we have picked a selection of Anahata Organic winter skincare essentials and haircare products to keep your skin feeling fresh throughout the freezing months.

Never let the freezing temperature get you down.


Best Face Cream For Winter

Are you looking for the best face cream to get rid of dry skin? If you prefer using organic skin care products, you can use this amazing face cream –Nava Rose Cream . This cream works great as an anti-ageing product that you can use during winters with highly positive results.

This Nava Rose Anti-Ageing Face Cream contains various natural ingredients, such as aloe vera gel, shea butter, distilled rose water, pure rose extract, and others. It helps in removing dark spots and wrinkles. It is quite effective in improving skin texture. The astringent and antibacterial properties remove toxins from your skin. When applied regularly, you will notice a difference in your skin health. The daily use of this face cream keeps your skin hydrated and glowing.

This face cream is suitable for all skin types. Just a small amount on your face will keep your dry skin supple and soft during colder months. If you are on the hunt for an organic winter face cream for dry skin, Nava Rose Cream can be your best selection.

Nava Rose

Best Face Serum For Winter

During winters, you have to invest in a time-saving and effective face serum. The serum can help you protect your skin against the drying effects of cold weather. If you suffer from highly dry skin, you can use one of the best moisture-boosting serums – Kumkumadi Tailam. This is an Anahata Prettify Night Serum that can be used to get healthy and blemish-free skin.

The ingredients present in this serum, such as sandalwood, vetiver, and rose, absorbs easily into the skin, giving a smooth and glowing skin. This super night serum for winters protects your skin from environmental stress.  When you use it daily, you will notice an improved skin texture, less pigmentation, along with overhauling early signs of ageing.

Best Body Lotion For Winter

If you are dealing with excessive dryness all through the colder season, you need to use a body lotion that boosts moisture and rehydrates your skin. Though you have used various different types of lotions, using Anahata Shayna Body Lotion ensures to give softer and supple skin.

Formulation with fresh roses and distilled rose water makes this body cream one of the best recommendations for many people. The variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants focuses on soothing and moisturizing your dry skin. The fragrance of roses makes it a luxury collection of skincare products. This ultra-rich lotion leaves your body feeling fresh all day long. Just a small amount of lotion throughout your body works great to keep your skin moisturized.

Best Facewash For Winter

The new season comes with new skincare needs. To cleanse and keep your skin moisturized, you should use a facewash that can tackle your dry skin during winter. One of the best facewash for winter is Anahata Nemamrit Rice Face Wash. If you have oily and sensitive skin, you must try using this skincare product for cold weather.

Whether you want to get rid of skin pigmentation, crows feet, fine lines, blemishes, or wrinkles, this facewash can help in easing all of these skin problems in one go. Using this facewash daily leaves your skin hydrated and glowing.

Best Oil For Body Massage In Winter

Winter is the time when you should use moisturizer to replenish moisture back to your skin. Body oils for massage help in nourishing your skin and give it a protecting barrier. These body oils are not just meant for massage; rather, they can also be used for moisturizing and soothing your skin.

Some of the best Anahata body oils that you can consider investing in include Olive & Vitamin E Massage Oil (It has anti-aging properties and is helpful in reducing inflammation, decreasing cellulite, and nourishing the skin), and Rose & Almond Body Glow Massage Oil (It has antioxidants and anti-aging properties and is helpful in reducing fine lines, scars, and revitalizing dry skin)

Using these massage oils work effectively in leaving your skin feel healthy, lithe, and smooth.

Best Lip Balm For Winter

If you want kissable lips in the cold weather, you have to take extra care of them. The very first thing is to avoid picking at flaky skin on lips. Next, start using a lip balm that protects your lips from getting cracked in winter. If you are looking for super moisturizing lip balm to get pout-perfect lips, try using Anahata Jojoba and Tea Tree Lip Balm.

This lip balm is formulated with natural ingredients and gives you a perfect product for hydrating your skin. The jojoba oil, tea tree extract, beeswax, and shea butter will leave your lips moisturized for 4-5 hours. No matter what skin type you have, this lip balm can be used by all people.

Best Hair Oil For Winter

Are you dealing with excessively dry and flaky scalp? If you want to save your hair and scalp from any kind of damage in the winter, the best way is to oil your scalp and hair gently. One of the best hair oil for winter, which is formulated with a combination of unique herbs and flowers is Anahata Enriching Aloe Vera Hair Oil.

If you are finding it hard to get rid of dandruff, this hair oil helps in preventing itchiness on the scalp and reinforces your hair follicles. Using this oil two times a week will result in shiny and healthy hair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The susceptibility of hair and scalp to cold weather makes them dry and frizzy. You need to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that helps in keeping your hair away from damage. You can also use a leave-in conditioner. Try using Anahata Keshamrit Conditioning Shampoo.

Olive, castor, jojoba, and coconut are some of the plant oils that make great moisturizers. These ingredients are highly effective in keeping your skin moisturized even during harsh cold weather. The products using any of these ingredients can bring effective results to your skin.

Make sure to use the right lip balm designated specifically to combat the effects of cold wind. Use moisturizing lip balm and make it a part of your skincare routine. Before you go outside, don’t forget to apply lip balm, as it will create a protective barrier and protect your lips from getting dry and flaky. You can also try Anahata Vanilla & Coffee Lip Balm.

Use moisturizing hand soap to eliminate the drying effects of soap. Don’t wash your hands with very hot water. Make sure to use moisturizing hand cream to avoid making your hands dry.

You must know that wet hair is more likely to damage than dry hair. It can cause your hair to freeze and break easily. So, the best idea is to blow dry your hair before you leave your home.

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