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Vetiver Oil

Vetiver is the essential oil produced from the aromatic roots of the vetiver tree. Vetiver oil is more likely to be used in ayurvedic remedies and aromatherapy. Vetiver oil is used to treat acne and dandruff and bring a glow to your skin. To buy pure vetiver oil, anahataorganic is one of the ideal solutions. Here you will get the pure vetiver oil. Many customers prefer to purchase the products from anahataorganic as they provide a pure and organic product at an affordable price. 

How to get effective results

For effective results, vetiver oil should always be diluted when using with regular oil like coconut oil. Take 1-2 drops of vetiver oil and mix in every ten drops of your career oil, i.e., coconut oil, to start applying it on your skin. You can increase the volume of vetiver oil as per your needs. Hence you will start noticing effective results on your skin within 2 to 3 weeks. 

# Benefits of Vetiver oil


1. Improves Immunity

Vetiver oil contains high antioxidants, and due to which it helps boost the immune system of your body by eliminating all the toxins from your body. You get an advantage from the oil by inhaling the aromatic vapours or diffusing them into the air at home. Beyond this, vetiver oil also helps in removing acne.


2. Moisturizes and Hydrates the Skin
It moisturizes and hydrates the skin without generating any fatty layer. It is one of the ideal solutions for the skin as it keeps the skin moisturized for many hours without creating stickiness. Anahataorganic offers the top quality vetiver oil to their customers. Oil purchased from the anahataorganic doesn’t harm your skin as their products are organic. Vetiver oil gives your skin a natural glow and healthy skin.


3. Helps Delay the Signs of Aging
Vetiver is power-packed with antioxidants. Hence it significantly cleanses and eliminates the toxins and other free radicals, which causes unfavorable aging signs like fine lines, pigmentation, etc. It also protects the skin from environmental aggressors and toxic chemicals, as these are the primary reason for aging skin. Using the vetiver oil consistently provides glow to your skin and also diminishes aging skin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Aloe vera is excellent for hair. It is a magical plant, with many uses. It reduces dandruff, increases hair growth, nourishes the scalp, has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that reduce itchiness and redness of scalp. It has proteolytic enzymes which repair dead skin cells on the scalp and increases hair growth.

While shampoo cannot be 100% organic, it can be sulphate free and around 70-75% organic. Anahata’s shampoo doesnt use any toxic chemicals, harmful molecular compounds of synthetic materials, making it natural and hair-friendly.

Yes, it is completely safe, and is recommended.


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