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Nature’s boon for the skin

ubtan powder benefits

Ubtan powder is an ancient Indian beauty recipe that is a coarse powder of herbs, flowers & grains. A bathing essential that exfoliates the skin & keeps it soft and glowing, many homes in India have their version of this gram-turmeric mixture even today. The recipe can be incorporated in two ways including an ubtan face mask and ubtan bathing powder. At Anahata, we make Ubtan with 12 skin-friendly ingredients that give you toned, blemish free skin. It is great for removing suntan, removing dead skin cells and giving the body a natural glow. Bridal ubtan can also be used in a Haldi ceremony to mark an auspicious beginning to festivities.

What are benefits of Ubtan?

·         Since it is completely natural, Ubtan is a safe and earth-friendly bathing powder that is great for everyone: from babies to older people.

·         Ingredients like turmeric, rose powder and orange peel have anti-microbial properties, a natural fragrance and help in de-tanning.

·         Applying ubtan bathing powder instead of body wash reduces body acne and is safer that many off-the-shelf soaps which are loaded with added colour and fragrance.

·         Since it has neem, camphor and vetiver, it keeps the body clean, smelling fresh and nourished.

·         Ubtan is also great to reduce cellulite and signs of ageing on the body since it tightens the skin and reduces fine lines.

·        It reduces body odour and sweat and gives a natural fragrance to the body. 

Should brides use Ubtan?

     Ubtan or Ubvartan is an essential part of wedding ceremony and goes back to the Vedic times. It is a bridal beauty ritual that gives a royal and ethereal softness to the bride, making her skin and body glow. Anahata’sUbtan has Chandan which brightens skin and reduces dullness & ingrowth hair. One benefit of the Snanamrit Ubtan bathing powder is that is doesn’t leave a yellow pigment that a turmeric paste would. It is a part of pre-wedding skincare that prepares the bride to look her best on her wedding day.

How to make Ubtan?

    Ubtan is typically a mix of chickpea, turmeric and other powders that form a coarse paste. We add rose powder, sandalwood & vetiver to enhance the user’s complexion, detoxify the body and ensure that the skin remains youthful. You can add milk, rose water or water to make it into a thin paste. A great benefit of ubtan is that it is all natural and its ingredients are fully biodegradable.

How to use Ubtan?

Ubtan can be used in many ways: as a ubtan face mask, ubtan body wash, ubtan bathing powder and haldi paste. Here are 4 Vedic selfcare rituals to practice using Ubtan:

  1. Lepam: Mix 1 cup of Ubtan powder with 2 spoons aloe vera gel and rose water. Apply this all over the body as a pack and leave on for 20 minutes. Gently rub the paste into the body before washing off with lukewarm water. This ritual is very helpful for dry and sensitive skin. It reduces ingrowth hair, moisturizes the skin and reduces blemishes. It is especially useful for brides to practice this ritual two times a week 1 month before the wedding.
  1. Snanamrit Powder: Using ubtan daily as a replacement for soap is the ideal way to get its maximum benefits for the skin. Since it reduces the body’s contact with any synthetic chemicals, it reduces inflammation, signs of eczema and dermatitis from the body over time. It reduces body odor and sweat by sealing the pores. Using ubtan also keeps the body toned, helps the muscle retain their vitality and keeps the skin looking youthful.
  2. Haldi Paste: In ancient Vedic times, ubtan was used as a haldi paste and that tradition carries on even today. From a simple gram-turmeric-milk paste to Anahata’s Himalayan recipe with 12 exotic ingredients, it can be used in many ways to enhance the bride and groom’s skin. You can mix milk and rose water to the ubtan for luxurious skincare indulgence.
  3. Ubtan face pack: Using ubtan on the face is excellent to reduce facial hair naturally. It exfoliates the skin, removes any tan, reduces acne and pimples. It is also excellent for reducing dark circles and puffy eyes due its cooling, de-tanning ingredients. The presence of Chandan, neem, avarampoo and kalonji give maximum skin benefits to the user.

Explore the wonders of this timeless skincare product that has been in our culture for generations. It is important to use pure and organic ubtan powder without any chemicals or added fragrances for the skin. At Anahata, we ensure that you get 100% effective formulation and pure ingredients to elevate your bodycare experience. For an effective face mask that gives you an instant glow and soft skin, check the Sarasa Rose & Marjoram Scrub here.

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