Thundu Towels

Haircare traditions from Tamil Nadu

cure Acne and pimples

Does a thick hair towel cause hairfall? Yes. Thick hair towels tug on the hair follicles and its fibers cause friction with the scalp, thus weakening the hair strands. Thick fiber towels are generally heavy and even more so when wet, thus causing hairfall. Hair strands are weaker when they are wet and rubbing vigorously on the scalp can cause more than 100 strands to fall when you wash your hair.

Thankfully there is a solution, that has been practiced in Tamil Nadu for generations. We remember our paati, just after her morning bath with a thundu towel wrapped around her head. She would chant her morning shlokas, offer flowers to the temple and then proceed to unwrap her hair and detangle it.

Thundu towels are thin hair wrap cotton towels, similar to microfiber towels for hair drying. You would have seen them in movie references, where these multi coloured thin towels are often wrapped around the head after a head bath. They are beneficial for both kids and adults and soak water from the hair easily. Without pulling at the hair strands, they quick-dry the hair and are themselves easy to dry as well.

Thundu towels are hair drying cotton towels that are a staple in South India. Woven by women of India since ancient times, they are easy to carry and also keep the body cool and dry. Like Turkish towels that are famous for their absorbency and fine fiber length, tundu towels are thinly woven and retain moisture. They are compact and easy to travel with as well. Since they dry the hair quickly, they prevent frizz, dryness and split ends caused by rubbing thick towels on the scalp. Thundu towels also need lesser time to wash and can be air dried or sun dried within an hour.

At Anahata, we have a thin cotton towel sourced from Tamil Nadu, which is great for quick drying the hair without increasing hairfall. It is affordable and sustainable, thus making it an wise choice to include in your bathing routine.

Haircare accessories for better hair growth

Just like thundu towels, there are various other earth-friendly haircare products that can improve scalp health, reduce hairfall and keep the hair strong and shiny. Some of these are:

1. Wooden Comb

A wooden comb reduces frizz and static in the hair strands and makes it easy to detangle the hair. Since it is natural, it reduces chances of scalp allergies or irritation due to plastic or metal comb. Our neem wooden comb is made with neem wood which is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Using a wooden comb also activates acupressure points on the scalp that can promote cell turnover and hair growth.

2. Dhoop Holder

Practicing sambrani or burning dhoop for haircare has been a royal haircare ritual practiced in India for generations. Scenes from royal families in the history of India often depict queens doing this ritual. It has also been shown in historical cinema, such as Jodha Akbar, wherein using dhoop under the hair is practiced as a beauty ritual. This holds immense benefits as the natural ingredients prevent scalp infections, it doesn’t lead to direct heat application to the hair and thus restores and dries it naturally. If done properly, the fumes and fragrance that comes from burning dhoop relieves headaches, migraine and ensures better sleep. Our wooden dhoop holder is handcarved and secures the dhoop securely. You can use dhoop for your hair without worrying about burning your hair strands.

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