Acne Skin Care Routine With Anahata

By far the most popular skin routine condition, acne affects most people at least once in their lifetime. While different types of acne are treated differently, the root cause of acne lies deeper in our body’s anatomy for reasons such as dehydration, stress, digestive problems and high blood pressure. It occurs when hair follicles in the skin are blocked due to excessive sebum production (oiliness). How modern science approaches a solution to acne is with antibiotics and drying agents. However, the more we learn about the body, it becomes evident that the only solution to acne cannot be drying the skin out. In fact, when the skin’s layer dries and peels, it can possibly cause more breakouts. As an Indic organic brand, Anahata’s products work to heal the skin internally. We recognize that less is more and with that in mind, let’s jump into our specially curated acne skin care routine.

Neem is the core ingredient of Anahata’s Nivarini face wash. This face wash is a gentle cleanser, ideal for everyday use. The properties of Neem fight any bacterial, fungal or microbial irregularities on the skin while also ridding the facial skin of dirt and grime. While washing the face is a good way to keep pores clean, we advice you to use the Nivarini face wash once a day. Neem is extremely efficient in combating acne but excessive usage of any face wash actually makes the skin dry, which is another reason for contracting acne. Splashing your face with water around 3 times a day also helps the skin stay fresh and hydrated.

As the name of the product suggests, Anahata’s acne fighter works to actively fight existing acne and helps prevent formation of new acne. The acne fighter is a 15 minute leave on mask made of ingredients such as camphor and cloves. The mask stings for a few seconds upon application- a 100% natural sensation due to the crushed camphor. When it stings- it means it  is definitely is working. The Acne Fighter gives visible results in 2 to 3 days, wherein the size of the acne reduces or the acne disappears completely. However- for chronic or cystic acne please consult a dermatologist too.

Aloe Vera has been known to be a miracle ingredient for years. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and healing. Anahata’s Rose-Infused Aloe Vera Gel is made of freshly distilled desi gulab (rose) and fresh aloe vera. Combined with the properties of both ingredients, it works to cool the skin and reduce any swelling or inflammation (such as acne) while the properties of rose work to reduce puffiness, acts as an astringent (which once again combats acne) and adds a naturally divine fragrance to the Aloe Vera gel.

Anahata’s Bloom Elixir is a nighttime serum that works to enhance microcirculation in the skin and delivers essential antioxidants to the skin’s layers. It boosts skin health and equips it to fight against free radicals. Bloom elixir consists of naturally medicinal ingredients such as tea-tree oil, grape-seed and jojoba. The lavender in this serum also allows for better sleep.

We hope that our acne fighting products help you in your journey towards healthy, natural skin. All of the products mentioned above are made from organic ingredients and simple, effective recipes. Our skin responds to chemicals immediately and works to repair any problem as fast as possible. However, that is a temporary fix and we end up in a cycle of using and re-using the product to maintain skin health. However, the skin responds well to clean, natural ingredients and starts a long-term healing/ cell repair process once we use such products. Essentially, Anahata’s products heal the skin internally and allows the skin to thrive on it’s own. Get yours today!

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