Sendha Namak

Considering the significant rising of sendha Namak in the market, Anahata Organic provides good Himalayan pink salt to its customers.It also helps you in handling an electrolyte balance without disturbing the blood pressure. Apart from this, organic sendha Namak also keep the internal part of your body cool.

Buy Organic sendha Namak / Rock salt

Everyone wants to consume salt that is safe for his or her health.  Here you will also get the best quality Himalayan salt lamp. Anahata Organic makes every possible effort to make the customers happy by offering them the best quality products at a cost-effective price.

To get the effective result from the rock salt, you need to follow some of the given tips:

1. First thing you need to do is to take 1-2 pinch of Rock salt.

2. After that, mix the salt with the hot water.

3. At last, you need to gargle with this water once or twice a day.

After following the above-given steps, you will start noticing the positive results, and you will get relief from the throat infection and dry cough.

Benefits of Sendha namak

1. Improve Digestion

One of the benefits of rock salt is that it improves digestion and is a natural remedy to relieve stomach pain. Sendha namak also helps you to cure infrequent stomach infections and aids in deworming.

2. Maintain the body metabolism

Organic salts by Anahataorganic help stimulate your body’s metabolism to enhance the function of your body. 

3. Reduces Heartburn and Bloating

Black salt restores bile production in the liver that supports you in controlling heartburn and bloating. It limits the acid levels and lowers down the reflux. A small amount of salt can lower down the formation of gas in the body.

4. Throat infection

Himalayan pink salt helps you get relief from the sore throat, soothes the throat in case of dry cough, lowers down the inflammation and your throat’s swelling because of its Kapha and Pitta balancing properties.

Sendha Namak

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Rock salt, also refered to as saindhava lavana or halite, is formed when salt water from a lake evaporates and leaves behind crystals of what is called salt- NaCl, (sodium chloride). Rock salt is a purer version of our common table salt.Underrated as it is, the benefits of rock salt are innumerable. It is inherently rich in minerals like zinc, calcium, iron, potassium and copper- micronutrients necessary for a healthy body and mind. Himalayan pink salt is one of the best varieties of sendha namak. 500 grams of Anahata’s organic Himalayan rock salt, can last you for a month. Brought straight to our factories, this infused salt is known to have several health benefits over regular white salt. Often used in ‘kadhas’ and medicinal preparations, sendha namak can help treat cold and cough and other digestive problems.

Rock salt or sendha namak, as it is popularly called, is a healthier alternative to your regular white salt. Infused with several microelements like calcium, potasium, zinc and copper, rock salt was used thoroughly in all delectables before being replaced by common salt. Common salt is often refined through a process that is meant to make it look ‘whiter’. What most people fail to notice is that salt often loses a large chunk of its mineral content during this whitening process. Also, a large number of potentially harmful chemicals are added to prevent clumping and settling while storage. Rock salt or sendha namak on the other hand, is pure to the core, devoid of chemicals and 100% safe to consume. Switch common salt with Anahata’s sendha namak, an infused salt that is one of the best organic salt available in the Indian market. Not only will it help improve digestion and metabolism, but can also be used in medicinal concoctions to help treat common cold and cough.

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