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Sambrani Dhoop is a type of incense made using dried flowers and herbal ingredients like sambrani, neem leaves powder, coconut oil, mahua oil, rose powder, sandalwood powder, honey, cow ghee and more. It is used to detoxify the air, for worship and meditation purposes and to create a serene ambience. One little known secret is that is also a great way to naturally dry the hair and leave a beautiful and natural fragrance in the hair.

Scenes from royal families in the history of India often depict queens doing this ritual. It has also been shown in historical cinema, such as Jodha Akbar, wherein using dhoop under the hair is practiced as a beauty ritual. This holds immense benefits as the natural ingredients prevent scalp infections, it doesn’t lead to direct heat application to the hair and thus restores and dries it naturally. If done properly, the fumes and fragrance that comes from burning dhoop relieves headaches, migraine and ensures better sleep.

How to use sambrani dhoop for hair?

To use dhoop for the hair, here are the following steps:

  1. Get sambrani dhoop that is free of chemical adhesives, artificial colors and synthetic fragrances (you can notice this by studying ingredients of the products).
  2. Get a dhuni or dhoop holder. Generally brass dhoop holders are preferred due to their varied use in worship purposes. Anahata’s brass dhoop holder from Kumbakonam is a great option.
  3. Take 2 dhoop sticks and burn up. Let it naturally burn for 5 minutes in an outdoor space.
  4. Lay down on the edge of a bed, or chair and ask someone to hold the dhuni 15-25 cm below the ends of your hair.
  5. Relax and let the smoke engulf your hair. Be careful to not keep the hair too close to the dhoop sticks.
  6. Once you are done, use a wide toothed comb to comb your hair.
  7. If there is dhoop remaining, move the dhuni around the house to purify the air. It has a similar effect to burning sage, on the ambience and atmosphere.

It is important to use the right quantity of sambrani dhoop and to burn it in a ventilated space. Once this practice is done, you will immediately feel a calming effect. Your hair will have naturally dried, leaving a voluminous and bouncy feel. This practice is also very effective in the winters for the body, as it alleviates soreness, reduces infections of the body and is very therapeutic.

There are many studies that support the burning of dhoop and many that do not. Here, it is important to understand the importance of the ingredients used in making and packing the dhoop. Studies on have shown that Angihotra or havan smoke is an unconventional solution to air pollution that helped detoxify the air of pollutants like SOx and NOx. The smoke was of ingredients like cow ghee, gugal, jayphal, cloves, dalchini and other natural ingredients. Hence, getting Organic Dhoop is critical to this practice. Source the dhoop from a brand or product that you trust, and always check the ingredient label at the back. The benefits of using organic dhoop for the hair are immense, ranging from infection-free scalp, reduced migraines, stronger hair due to reduced blow-drying and a fragrant experience.

The Anahata Organic Sambrani Dhoop is a mix of dried flowers and herbs. Like a masala dhoop, it uses water as an adhesive, hence doesn’t have charcoal in it to bind the ingredients or act as a fuel. The incense sticks last long and can also be used to purify the home. We pride ourselves in ensuring only natural ingredients in our products and packaging, hence you can be assured of a 100% chemical free experience.

The Indic rituals mention many practices that can ensure long and strong hair, without any chemicals or overly expensive products. Simple practices like oiling your hair, using a natural scrub to fight sweat and dandruff, braiding and tying your hair often are things that immensely help the health of your hair. Some products and practices that can be included in your haircare ritual are:

  1. Using a herbal scalp scrub like Anahata’s Keshamrit Scalp is important to keep the scalp sweat and dandruff free. Our scalp defines the health of the hair since it is prone to bacterial infections. Using national scrubs for the scalp ensures that it is exfoliated, no chemical residue remains and the scalp stays itch-free.
  2. Oiling your hair by double boiling it is an effective technique to enhance the benefits of the ingredients in any hair oil. Take a container and double boil it in another container with boiling water. Use a natural oil like hibiscus or aloe vera hair oil for a shine and volume in your hair. Coconut oil is also very effective to reduce hairfall. Anahata’s Mystic hair oil is a Vedic recipe, mixed with important ingredients like sesame, aloevera, marjoram and more, and is very useful to stop hairfall. It also washes off easily with a gentle shampoo.
  3. Use a natural serum after heat application to the hair. Suppose you blowdry or iron your hair, it is important to protect it from further damage by applying a serum. Additionally it prevents frizzy hair and tangled ends. Anahata’s Kesharasa Tailam is an effective hair serum made with jojoba, almond, grapeseed, argan and other natural ingredients, and is perfect to moisturize and nourish the hair.

Following these routines and taking care of your hair on a daily basis is an effective way to have healthy hair for a long time. It will help you save money on expensive hair treatments and spa sessions, which need repeated sessions. Our Indic sciences give us plenty of ingredients and recipes to have long, lustrous and healthy hair.

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