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ROSE POWDER - Anahataorganic

Do you wish to get the bright skin complexion? Well, everyone wants to look beautiful and wish to have soothing skin with ultimate shine and softness. What if you get a natural powder that brings a glow to your skin without any side effect? Here we present you another brand new product by Anahataorganic, i.e. rose powder is an ideal skin for bringing complexion to your face. You can even get the best rose water for face and hair at anahataorganic. All their products are properly researched, tested and reliable for daily use.

Benefits of rose water

1. Soothes scalp irritation

The most important benefits of rose water for hair are that it has natural astringent properties that help relieve scalp irritation and inflammation. It is also said that rose petal extracts anti-inflammatory properties, which is better for your hair. You get the best rose water from anahataorganic as they take pride in delivering the best products to their customers.


2. Dead skin removal

Best rose water for the face offered by anahataorganic helps brightness the surface of your skin. Since dead skill cells can make your skin dull. But by using brand new products of anahataorganic, i.e. rose water for face, it helps provide glow to your skin by removing the dead skill cells.


3. Acne prevention

Now you don’t have to worry about the acne or pimples on your face. Since anahataorganic offers the best rose water at an affordable price to their customers, it is efficient in providing acne-free skin. With its antibacterial properties, it helps prevents multiple skin infections.



Organic Product of Rose powder

  • Aloe Vera Gel Infused With Rose: Aloe Vera gel is freshly extracted from organically grown aloe plants, sourced from farmers across Gujarat and Rajasthan. Infused with rose water, it works as an instant coolant for the face and body and helps reduce inflammations, redness and dryness of skin.
  • Nava Rose Infused Anti-Ageing Cream:The Nava Rose Infused Anti-Ageing Cream is a traditional Indian blend that helps remove dark spots, improve skin texture and smoothen wrinkles.

How to use rose water for face

Below are the tips on how to use rose water for the face.  You will require 
  • Two tablespoons of sandalwood powder
  • Two tablespoons of rose water
Now proceeding with the main procedure
  • Blend the rose water and sandalwood powder to develop a thicker paste. 
  • Apply this mixture to the face 
  • Keep it in a drying state for 15-20 minutes. 
  • Then after that, wash it with lukewarm water.

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