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Immunity Boosting Salad

Immunity Boosting Salad Recipe

When most people think of food, they first think of taste. While taste is an important factor, nutrition is the key to why we consume food. Nutrient rich food is what keeps our body functioning, healthy and alive. Food needs to be looked at as our energy giving source. It is important that we understand that the very things we consume determine if we can have a healthy, energy filled life or a disease filled, energy taking life. Most of the food we eat is actually taking more energy from us and lowering our capacity. Luckily, there is no shortage of food that is delicious and healthy. I will be sharing the recipe for a citrus filled salad called the Immunity Boosting Salad. Before that, here are some recommendations to make sure your ingredients are contributing to your health.

Buy organic vegetables, fruits and groceries. Growing organic means not using ANY fertilizers, insecticides or pesticides. We must remember that chemicals that can kill living creatures are toxic to our system as well- as they are taking away nutrient value from the food in order to be affective. Organic produce on the other hand is rich in nutrients and nurtured by natural soil. You can start by exploring organic groceries here.

Buy Cold Pressed Oils. Cold pressed oils are not exposed to any heat and hence, are un-refined. Refined oils have high cholesterol and lead to many heart diseases. Cold-pressed oils on the other hand have low cholesterol and can help prevent health complications caused otherwise.

Eat Seasonal. If you start eating according to nature’s timing, your body will be in harmony with earth and will stay healthy much longer. When we eat seasonal, we are consuming what is able to grow in the natural conditions that we humans also live through.

Reduce Dairy Consumption. While Ayurveda recommends dairy, expert Ayurvedic doctors might also tell you to cut out dairy because of how contaminated the milk that reaches us is. We consume milk filled with injected hormones and other nutrient depleting chemicals. Avoid having processed dairy as much as possible.

With the above tips in mind, let’s move onto the recipe for the chapatti Immunity Boosting Salad.

Ingredients :-

For this salad, you will need:-

  • Sprouts
  • Coriander
  • Roasted Groundnuts
  • 1 Pomegranate
  • Anahata’s Chaat Masala
  • Pink Salt
  • 2 Cucumbers
  • 1 Apple (You can add any fruits that are seasonal)
  • 2 Lemons
  • 2 Onions

Steps :-

Chop all the fruits and vegetables in medium sized pieces. Use your judgement and add more of the ingredient you prefer.

Mix all the fruits and vegetables in the salad.

Add your sprouts.

Add 2 tsp. of chaat masala to the mix.

Top it off with lemon zest.

Mix all ingredients with lemon zest and Chaat masala.

Note :-

This salad takes only 5 to 10 minutes to prepare from scratch. It is filled with vitamin K, anti-inflammatory foods and other nutrients. In just one bowl, you can have an energy-filled day and enhance your body’s immunity. Try out this recipe, and if you liked it, take a photo! And tag us on @anahatabazaar.

Product :-

Organic Chaat Masala – 100gms

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