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5 spice drink for hair growth

spice drink for hair growth
A recipe born from the kitchens of Anahata is a 5 spice drink that is excellent for hair growth, hair thickening and reducing hairfall. The five spices, Dhania (coriander), Methi(fenugreek), Mari (black pepper), Jeera (cumin) & Dalchini(cinnamon) have multiple hair growth benefits. Its results have been personally experienced by our founder and is a recipe she has used for hair growth. This drink is also great for lymphatic drainage, detoxifying the gut and improving skin health.

Ingredients :-

  • 3 bowls of coriander seeds
  • 15 fenugreek seeds
  • 5-6 black pepper
  • Handful jeera seeds
  • 2-3 cinnamon sticks
Soak all of these ingredients overnight in a bowl. In the morning, cook on a slow flame while adding 1.5 blocks of organic jaggery. Remember organic jaggery will be darker and browner in colour and will not be yellow or white. Since it has no sugar, it is beneficial for hair growth as sugar is detrimental to hair thickening and growth. Strain and have this drink every morning. You must drink this on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. Don’t keep the flame of the stove too high, let it slow boil for the goodness of the spices to be absorbed into the drink. Remember to use organic spices to obtain the maximum benefit of consuming this drink. You will see noticeable results in 1-2 months of regular consumption.
Corriander seeds: high in many vitamins including Vitamin A &K, coriander seeds invigorate hair follicles from the roots. It fights hair loss and promotes hair growth, especially when your diet is packed with other hair-friendly ingredients. Methi seeds: A rich source of proteins, iron and amino acids, fenugreek seeds build damage hair, repair hair strands damaged due to heat and fights dandruff on the scalp. Many people chew raw fenugreek to maintain hair health. Black pepper: Great to prevent premature greying and reverse grey hair, black pepper is a haircare superfood. It is loaded with minerals and vitamins that increase hair volume, shine and restore hair colour. Jeera: Mainly cooling to the system, jeera is anti-inflammatory and can prevent scalp infections, inflammations and redness. It promotes new hair to grow and provides the right environment for dormant hair follicles to activate and thrive. Cinnamon Sticks: Warm & earthy, cinnamon is known to improve blood circulation, thus encouraging hair growth and a supply of fresh oxygenated blood to the scalp. Cinnamon is also deeply conditioning and provides immense nourishment to the hair.
Consuming this drink every morning has shown reduced bloating, reduced hairfall and stronger nails! A great source of protein, amino acids, antioxidants & nourishment, these spices individually tackle different causes of hairfall. It interally improves the gut-scalp connection and ensures hairfall doesn’t return easily. Another effective way to grow hair is champi or oiling the hair. Anahata’s Mystic hair oil is a magical blend of herbs, flowers, roots and oils that guarantee hair growth. It is a traditional, hand-crushed blend made with 24 unique ingredients. Packed with herbal goodness and anti-hairfall properties, it slows down the process of greying, moisturizes the scalp and softens the hair. Try a Sample today and notice guaranteed hair growth!

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