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Soothing Breath Blend - 10 ml

Soothing Breath Blend

Soothing Breath Blend - 10 ml

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The Anahata Soothing Breath Blend is guaranteed to stimulate the respiratory system, open the nasal passage and remove bad breath and odour. It also reduces stress, increases blood circulation and calms the mind.


  • Removes bad breath and odour.

Ideal For:

  • Use when required.


Direction For use

Dab one drop on your temples or wrist. Do not rub.
Best before 24 months.


Orange Oil, Peppermint Oil, Carrier Oil


1. How important is proportion when making essential oil blends?

Proportion is key when making essential oil blends. With the wrong amount of essential oils, there can be adverse effects to the mind. At Anahata, our essential oils are made by trained and certified practitioners. Please do not try to make them at home!


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