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Organic Hand Rolled Dhoop Sticks - 100gms

Dhoop Agarbatti | Dhoop Sticks | Dhoop Batti

Organic Hand Rolled Dhoop Sticks - 100gms

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The Anahata Organic Hand Rolled Dhoop is an artisanal worship essential, made from dried flowers and traditional herbs. With a natural deep set fragrance and purifying properties, it creates a positive, spiritual atmosphere that makes one feel calm and stress free.


  • Natural mosquito repelent

Ideal For:

  • Lifting energy levels in your space


Dhoop Agarbatti | Dhoop Sticks | Dhoop Batti

How to use Organic Dhoop Sticks?

  • Lighten the tip of your Organic hand-rolled dhoop.
  • You can gently annihilate the flame using blowing or fanning. You are now done. Dhoop should be a bright red glow and emit faint wisps of light, which indicates that it is either slowly burning or consuming.
  • It should be placed in an incense burner.


  • Cow dung, Sambrani, Neem leaves powder, Coconut Oil, dry floral and herbal powders, Indian myrrh, Mahua oil, Rose powder, Sandalwood powder, honey, cow ghee, Water.Which ingredient is Supreme?


  • Cow Dung: If Cow Dung is used in making dhoop sticks, it makes the atmosphere free from impurities and makes the environment more pleasant and liveable. In addition to this, it also helps plants to fight against insects.
  • Neem leaves powder: Neem Leaves are used to eliminate mosquitoes from the surroundings.
  • Honey: Honey is used in making organic dhoop sticks in order to keep them flexible.


  • What is the difference between Anahata’s organic dhoop and normal dhoop?
    Most dhoop that is available widely is binded together by chemicals. Anahata’s dhoop is all-natural, made with crushed flowers, herbs, and roots and binded together by cow dung.
  • What are dhoop sticks made of?
    The Basic ingredients of an organic dhoop stick are Sambrani, neem Leaves Powder, Cow Dung, Sandalwood Powder, Honey, Cow Ghee.
  • Can we use dhoop sticks for mosquitoes?
    Our Organic dhoop stick helps us to prevent dengue and other mosquito diseases.
  • How to light dhoop sticks?
    Hold the organic dhoop stick at the edge and light the tip of the dhoop stick until the tip is burned and a red glow is seen. Place the dhoop stick on a heat-resistant surface and enjoy the fragrance.

3 reviews for Organic Hand Rolled Dhoop Sticks – 100gms

  1. Aswini

    Perfect product to start your day with positivity and a refreshing fragrance!!!!!

  2. bijal patel

    The Anahata Organic Hand Rolled Dhoop makes one feel calm and stress free. THANK YOU ANAHATA

  3. bijal patel

    Thank you ANAHATA you giving me a very good products.

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