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Camphor - 150 gms

Camphor (1)

Camphor - 150 gms

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The Anahata Organic Camphor is naturally derived from the camphor tree. Its 100% pure composition will purify your home, without producing permanent black soot. Use this camphor to enhance your worship experience. Please close the lid tightly to preserve well.


  • Does not leave any permenant black soot residue

Ideal For:

  • Worship



What is the difference between organic camphor and normal camphor?

Anahata camphor is guaranteed to be 100% pure, straight from the camphor tree, and it is not made with turpentine oil. Our camphor is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial in nature, while also being a natural moth repeller. Normal camphor uses chemicals and turpentine oil. A pro tip to tell organic camphor apart from chemically made camphor is to see if the soot is removable. If it comes off, the camphor is organic.




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