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Lemon Shampoo (For Gentle Scalp Cleansing) - 200ml

Lemon Shampoo

Lemon Shampoo (For Gentle Scalp Cleansing) - 200ml

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The Anahata conditioning shampoo from the ‘Hridaya’ range is a sulfate free blend made specially for children. With natural hair-friendly ingredients that are rich in minerals and antioxidants like iron, selenium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, this shampoo helps moisturise your child’s scalp while promoting strong, healthy hair. Lemon extracts in this shampoo will keep your child’s hair shiny and dandruff free, at all times. Pro Tip: This Shampoo is excellent to treat Cradle Cap.


  • Gentle scalp cleanser
  • Adds shine to hair
  • Fights dandruff
  • Treats cradle cap
  • Softens hair
  • Organic products

Ideal For:

  • For hair wash

Lemon Shampoo | conditioning shampoo


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