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Divine Lamp Oil - 500 ml

Divine lamp oil | Lamp Oil | Deepam Oil | Organic Lamp Oil

Divine Lamp Oil - 500 ml

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The Anahata Divine Lamp Oil is a traditional Indian blend that can be used to light diyas for worship, decoration and meditation. Infused with neem extract and pure cow ghee, it contains antibacterial properties, purifies your home and keeps away flies and insects. The oil also lasts longer and is a great relaxant, making one feel calm and stress free.


  • Contains antibacterial properties upon usage
  • Lasts longer than other lamp oils

Ideal For:

  • Lighting Lamps and Diyas


Lamp Oil | Deepam lamp Oil | Organic Lamp Oil

Direction For use



1.Why is the Divine Lamp oil called the ‘panchadravya’ oil?

The divine lamp oil contains five ancient elements as mentioned in the indic texts. The formulation is made to purify the environment and radiate positive energy. This formulation also allows the lamp oil to last longer.

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  1. Bijal s.

    👍Its really Good ,i like this oil.

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