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“Snanamrit” Ubtan Bathing Powder- 250 grams

Snanamrit Ubtan Bathing Scrub

“Snanamrit” Ubtan Bathing Powder- 250 grams

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The Anahata Snanamrit Bathing Powder and Scrub is a handcrafted beauty blend, made from traditional, skin-friendly ingredients. Infused with healing herbs, pulses, and flowers, it smoothens the skin, reduces inflammation, and keeps the skin blemish-free, elastic, and young. An excellent alternative to soaps and body wash, this Ubtan Powder is a fully organic mixture, that nourishes and cleanses the body.


  • Smoothens skin
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Keeps skin blemish free
  • Keeps skin young
  • 100% organic mixture

Ideal For:

  • Daily use


Direction For use

Step 1: Take a sufficient amount of bathing powder and then apply it to a wet body.

Step 2: Then Massage gently all over the body in a circular manner.

Step 3:  At the end, after keeping it for 10-15 minutes wash with water.

For more good results apply it twice a week.




Supreme Ingredients

  • Turmeric
  • Saffron
  • Rice
  • Sandalwood Powder



  1. Can we apply ubtan on the body daily?
    Yes, as ubtan powder is 100% Pure and Chemical Free, no harm to the skin. Anahata Snanamrit Bathing Powder can be applied daily all over the body.
  2. Is ubtan good for oily skin?
    Yes, ubtan powder can be applied to oily skin with additional ingredients such as curd and lemon which helps to maintain the oiliness of the skin.
  3. Does ubtan contain natural ingredients?
    All the ingredients used in making ubtan powder by Anahata Organic are natural and pure free from chemicals.

1 review for “Snanamrit” Ubtan Bathing Powder- 250 grams

  1. Ketan Shah

    Using ubtan makes us feel so fresh as the smell is divine..and leaves skin glowing naturally.

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