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Anahataorganic is one of India’s most reliable wellness brands that give top-quality Pooja items to its customers at a very cost-effective price. Here at Anahataorganic, you will get 100% authentic products. We always make sure that all our customers are satisfied and happy with our top-class products.

How to use it to get effective results?


To get a good result from sandalwood powder, you need to follow a few steps:


1.Add one tablespoon of Sandalwood powder along with besan.

2.Then again, add a little Tumeric and take a required volume of rose water to a thin paste.

3.Apply this thin paste on your face for a minimum of 15 minutes, and then wash it off using the mild face cleanser.

Benefits of buying pooja items from Anahataorganic.


Some of the benefits of buying pooja items from Anahataorganic are given below:


Top-quality health products.

At Anahataorganic, you will get the finest quality Chandan power to remove pimples and acne. If you don’t have a high budget for buying health products, you don’t need to worry. Chandan powder price is very budgeted here that anyone can purchase. We provide top-quality health products with zero side effects.


Finest pooja samagri

Anahataorganic provides good quality Agarbatti for pooja/Archana. Not only this, to meet the needs and requirements of the customer we are committed to offer a wide range of lamp oil. Here you will get all types of pooja items at specific sizes and designs considering customers’ needs and requirements.


Meeting various customer needs

Our products are high in demand because of their optimum quality. To cater to our customers’ requests, we also offer Sandalwood powder at a competitive price range. Products at Anahataorganic are designed using top-class materials following the set quality standards.

No it is not. It is made of ingredients that are used for the purposes of ‘havan’ or sacrificial fires, thus it has purifying properties. While cigarette smoke irratates the lungs and respiratory system, generally, organic agarbatti smoke is not harmful and brings positive vibes and energy to the surroundings. If chemical agarbattis are used, they can be harmful.

Aromatic incense sticks have been used since Vedic days, wherein they were offered to the fire god. The aroma, the ingredients and the method of making organic incense sticks are very beneficial in keeping the mind and body calm, regulating emotions, aiding spiritual progress and bringing positive energy to the surroundings. They contain natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, and can keep away insects, mainly due to the mix of herbs and roots that are used in making the sticks.

No, mogra needs sufficient sunlight and should be grown outdoors.

Smoke from organic agarbattis will not cause cancer. It is made of ingredients that are used for the purposes of ‘havan’ or sacrificial fires, thus it has purifying properties. If chemical agarbattis are used, they can be harmful.

No, they are not mosquito repellents though they keep them away. However, its not safe to use them specifically as mosquito repellents.

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