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Anahata is a 100% organic and sustainable lifestyle brand. With a focus on wellness based beauty and food products, we make handcrafted, chemical-free products. Our manufacturing process supports small farmers, women entrepreneurs and local businesses. The Vedas and the Puranas mention Anahata or the Heart Chakra, which is present in all of us and epitomises balance, serenity and compassion- a mantra we make a concious effort to inculcate in our brand as a whole.

Our product formulations are curated in the Himalayas, where our founder, Radhika Iyer Talati has spent several days, weeks & months every year since 2009 to this day, learning, experimenting and recording these recipes in the lap of the beautiful snow capped mountains of the Dhauladhar & Chamba range. Many of our formulae are the treasure trove she brings back with her year after year. 

Organic Beauty Products in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad or Amdavad is steeped in culture and history. Gujarat’s most crowded city is a clamoring metropolitan hub allowing a consistent mix of the striking structure of extremely old mosques and contemporary avant-garde form. On the river’s east bank is the pleasant old quarter, described by winding lanes beating with tradition and culture. Just because of various options, Ahmedabad has become a sightseer hub. When we talk of the climate of Ahmedabad, it has a semi-arid climate where there is marginally less rain. Apart from the Monsoon season, the climate remains dry there.

On the contrary, organic beauty products are in great demand in Ahmedabad these days. This is because of its natural formula that delicately revives the skin and gives a brilliant glow. So naturally, this has raised the demand for organic beauty products. However, if you are also looking for the best organic beauty products in Ahmedabad, then Anahataorganic is the one that bangs over the industry with quality beauty products.

Anahataorganic offers the top organic beauty products. They ensure to provide the top-notch quality of organic beauty products. With pure organic extracts, these beauty products do not have any harmful impact on the skin; this is the major reason most people switch to our organic beauty products.

Advantages of Using Anahata's Organic Beauty Products

Organic beauty products are 100% safe and pure, without an ounce of chemical extracts. Apart from this, there are many other advantages of using Anahata’s organic beauty product

No skin irritation

Skin irritation like skin sensitivities, skin redness, and scars occurs when using skincare products loaded with caustic compounds and toxic colors. The chemical-based products seriously harm the skin and start to breakouts. However, organic beauty care products are extremely gentle on the skin and reduces acne. Therefore, it doesn’t cause any irritation.

Organic products are also eco-friendly.

Organic products do not harm the atmosphere. So, here lies the beauty of using natural products. Organic beauty products are always eco-friendly and safe.

Intrinsic aroma

To artificially freshen the smell of the lotion or cream, traditional products include chemicals. In contrast, organic beauty products have a refreshing aroma and are scented with oils.

Why Choose Anahataorganic Top beauty products Ahmedabad?

Anahataorganic is the leading organic beauty products in Ahmedabad as a manufactures . With the best organic products of all types, we use the best quality of herbal extracts.

We make sure to work perfectly on making Ayurveda beauty products as our organic beauty products provide the beautiful glow and enhance skin tone.  Our specialists pick high-quality raw herbs to make these beauty products.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Natural products are the ones that are created without any chemical usage. Organic goes a step ahead of natural. Organic products go by organic ingredients harvested from farms that keep special farming methods like replenishing soil fertility.

At Anahata, we use herbal essence as the basis for producing our products. The herbal extract is rich in powerful antioxidants, vitamins that encourage fair and youthful skin. Moreover, all our products are pH balanced and formulated to suit all skin types.

Our products are precisely formed and free of chemicals. To hold our products fresh and active before and throughout usage, we only use ingredients like plant-based extracts and natural oils with stabilizing properties. Also, our packaging maintains the product’s stability.

Yes, Organic beauty products by Anahataorganic are good for the skin as they hold ingredients that are free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and more.

Indeed, we make all our range of products light and soft enough to be used on delicate skin.

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