The Best Plant Based Protein Drink

Kanji Powder

We often hear the myth that is vegetarian or vegan diet cannot fulfill the optimum protein requirements of a human body. We have also heard of whey protein, which is a non-vegan protein sourced from a cow, and is obtained during the cheese making process by separating liquid from curdled milk. While meat and diary are sources of high protein, the methods of farming them are highly unsustainable to the planet. They are highly polluting, are at the risk of zoonotic diseases and generate high quantities of waste. So what is a sustainable, natural, effective and rich source of protein?

It’s plants.
Legumes to be specific, have a high concentration of due to the presence of nitrogen fixing bacteria in their root nodules, which help them fix nitrogen that is used in protein biosynthesis. Legumes include chickpeas, peas, kidney beans, moong dal and more. Another lesser known category of food rich in protein are cereals. The humble jowar, ragi and bajra, which are being recognized as super-foods globally, are rich in amino acids and contain less saturated fat than protein from animal sources. There are many other sources of plant based foods that can add the required protein intake to a vegan diet.
If you’re vegan you cannot have whey powder since it is sourced from dairy products. Since eating and sourcing varied legumes and cereals, and keeping a track of your protein intake can be challenging for many people, protein drinks are often marketed as a one stop solution for your body’s protein requirements. For people who exercise or are into fitness regimes, their protein requirement is higher, and hence protein shakes are targeted as. an easy and effective addition to your nutritional intake in a cool protein shaker. But, a study by Harvard Health amongst many others, have pointed out the hidden dangers of consuming protein powder on health and on your fitness goals. Many protein powder brands in the market have added sugar, which causes a risk of weight gain and a spike in blood sugar. The protein supplements can be contaminated, excess protein can cause imbalance of other nutrients and powders are not whole food sources of protein.
A plant based protein drink, like Kanji, is an easy way to enhance protein intake without artificial supplements or risk of weight gain. Made with ingredients like whole moong, chickpeas, buckwheat, ragi, jowar, daliya and nuts, it is a filling and nutritious drink that can be consumed post workout. Vegans or lactose intolerant people can mix it with water while vegetarians can mix it with a small amount of milk or buttermilk if they prefer. Plant based protein drinks are rich in protein, are filling and curb excessive hunger. Since they are not derived or processed supplements, they are whole food sources that also provide the body with the necessary fibre for digestion. Navdhanya Kanji Podi at Anahata is one such hand-crushed blend of organic pulses and coarse grains which is essential for a high-protein low-carb diet. It works as an instant energy booster,improves muscle definition, furthers weight loss, and curbs excessive hunger. It also provides enough fibre to the body to process the protein without causing issues of excessive protein that causes other pulmonary issues.
We all know the importance of protein for the growth and development of children. Plant based protein drinks are safe for children since they are not processed and are derived directly from the plant source. Since it is vegan, it is safe for children who are lactose intolerant. Unlike other protein powders, kanji doesn’t have added sugar, hence making it safe for people which blood sugar fluctuations or Type II diabetes.
When plant based protein powders are used as supplements to a nutritious meal containing carbohydrates, healthy fats, protein ,vitamins, minerals and fibre, they play an excellent role in growth building and muscle definition. Try Kanji powder from Anahata for a true plant based experience, for a healthier you.

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