How to celebrate festivals sustainably

How to celebrate festivals sustainably

Festivals are a joyous occasion. They are all about connecting more deeply with the people around us and with the universal forces at play. However, festivals today have become seeped in consumerism. People buy numerous gifts, clothes, cars and other materials, fulfilling a much more superficial desire. This desire floods our planet with innumerable amounts of waste. So how can we be more sustainable this festival season? 


Deep Cleaning:

how much of what we actually own do we really need? How much of what we own do we really use? How many sets of clothes, how many shoes, how many bags? Get rid of things we don’t need or have a use for. Donate, give away, thrift. Not only will it save us time, space & energy it will also save us tremendous amounts of money.

Reimagining gifts:

let’s clean up the shelf of old habits. This festival season, let’s try and clean up our finances. Let’s rethink how we spend out money. Shop wisely & consciously. Think of the consequences: the financial consequences, the environmental consequences. Studies claim that consumer culture is to be blamed for the environmental crisis that we are facing today. Fast fashion, cosmetics, fast food etc are responsible for over 20% of the green house gas emissions. Also consumerism pushes people into depression.  Anyone who places a lot of emphasis on great wealth, materialistic possessions and status is more likely to be depressed and anti social.

Shop from local stores/ people/ brands:

Small-scale businesses are far more sustainable than large conglomerates. If you can find a good, sustainable business and buy your gifts from there, you are being sustainable for the planet, for the wallet and most importantly, you are building more human connection. Purchasing from local businesses is a consumer shift that can reduce waste from the beginning to the end of the cycle of the product. Gifting a sustainable product is also a plus, as you will most likely be introducing a sustainable item in someone’s daily life, reducing their carbon foot print as well. 

Everything does not need to be new:

Re- purpose old items you have in your house! Take an old dress and ask your tailor to stitch a brand new one from that fabric! This saves natural resources that we are already running short on such as water and fertile soil.

This year let’s try to widen our definition of prosperity and celebration. We must celebrate consciously and mindfully to feel more at peace, and make a real difference in conserving our environment. Do not limit it to the stuff that you buy or the gold that is in your locker. Prosperity is the sense of fulfilment, it means to be successful in what we do, it’s about being peaceful in our existence. Revisit your priorities, practising sustainability can truly make an impact in your life and that of others.

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