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Honey - Anahataorganic

We all are concerned about our hair and skin health. But most of the gel and cream leave side effects. Now what to do to keep your skin healthy and hair strong? Here’s another surprise by Anahataorganic , they have come up with the pure and best honey for face to bring the glow to your skin and helps you get rid of wrinkles if any. We have heard many times honey is good for skin. But is honey good for hair? The answer is absolutely yes; it makes the hair stronger and prevents it from falling.

Benefits of honey for skin and hair

Honey has several benefits, from bringing moisturizer to your skin to protecting from fatal diseases. Honey for hair always gives you promising results. Honey is ideal when it comes to taking care of beauty. 

# Skin benefits for honey


1. Fights acne 

Honey has antiseptic and inflammable properties that help in removing acne and also protect from several infections. Anahataorganic is always ideal manufacturing to get the best honey in India. You can honey for face to get the effective results. Beyond bringing a glow to your skin allows eliminated the redness and swelling due to acne.


2. Scar fader 

The antioxidants properties present in honey helps in reducing the scars and stretch marks. It nourishes the damaged area of the skin and induces the scars healing process.


# Benefits for hair


1. Deep conditioning 

We usually go to conditioning our hair to avoid dryness. Honey act as a moisturizer and conditioner for the hair. Honey for hair helps in moisturizing the hairs’ roots, which then prevents the hair from falling. It works as a hair softener and gives it shiny and bouncy skin. 


2. Promotes hair growth

Honey has certain nutrients that help in moisturizing the hair follicles and hair. It is the ideal solution to promote hair growth and make the hair’s roots stronger and healthier.

Organic Product of Honey

  • Goat Milk and Honey Soap:Due to antioxidant properties and antimicrobial,Honey Soap is great for dry or damaged skin.It kills the bacteria that may cause acne and aid the skin to heal faster and with goat milk it gives natural glow to skin.
  • Madhumritams Kin Toning Honey Face Wash:This facial care remove the unwanted bacteria form the skin and Honey face wash regulates the skin’s PH & preserve from the skin’s acid mantle.

How to use honey for removing acne

By applying honey on face and neck. Leave it for at least 30 minutes and after that clean it with the normal water. In case you find any recent breakout of acne, apply the honey on it for 15 minutes and wash it off to get effective results.  The important thing buying honey from Anahataorganic is 100% pure and gives you promising results without any side effects.

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