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hibiscus flower oil

Japapushpa, Javakusum, Gurhal and many other Sanskrit names depict the wonderful flower that is hibiscus. Popularly used in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, it is edible, has hair growth compounds, anti-diabetic properties and various medicinal properties. Hibiscus flower is a natural source of keratin, which makes it excellent to smoothen hair strands, making the hair less frizzy, easy to style and tangle free.

There are over 200 varieties of hibiscus, with over 70 in India. An ancient practice prevalent in Tamil Nadu and other parts of southern India was to use hibiscus leaves and flowers, simmer them in coconut oil and use that concoction for hair growth. This was done to blacken the hair and prevent greying, naturally.

At Anahata, we use fresh hibiscus flowers and boil them continuously with herbs and oils to bring to you its pure essence. Our process ensures that the nutritive value of hibiscus is absorbed into the oil, and unlike other hair oils in the market, we don’t just add hibiscus essence- we make our own with the fresh flowers!

Hibiscus as a core ingredient has many benefits including :-

Intense hydration : perfect for dry, flaky hair and split ends, this oil can help make the hair less frizzy and brittle.

Reduced greying : rich in antioxidants and Vitamins B and C, it is said to reduce and potentially reverse greying of hair.

Anti-Frizz : Rich in amino acids and natural keratin, prolonged usage of hibiscus can improve hair texture and reduce frizzy and unmanageable hair.

Indic Ritual : Shiro Abhyanga Practicing Shiro Abhyanga or head massage with the Hibiscus Hair Oil can yield magical results, visibly making the hair softer, shinier and true to its original color. You can double boil the oil to heat it, preferably in a brass container- this activates the minerals in the oil and allows the pores on the scalp to open up. This is guaranteed to combat dryness, and in turn dandruff, flakiness and itchiness of the scalp.

Pour the oil in a brass bowl, double boil it over a slow flame for 5 minutes. Section the scalp and apply the warm oil evenly. Massage in circular motions with your fingers. You can focus on the following Marma points for a rejuvenating scalp massage:

Seemant Marma point : in the center line of the scalp, the highest point of the body, this is generally where the first signs of baldness are seen!

Adipathi Marma point : On the back of the skull, this point is excellent to induce relaxation and a good nights sleep.
Shanka Marma point: on the side of the forehead, this point is great to reduce stress, that often damages hair and causes hairfall.

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