Hibiscus For Hair Growth: Benefits, Uses

Hibiscus For Hair Growth: Benefits, Uses

hibiscus flower oil

The beautiful Hibiscus flower has a special mention in the Ayurvedic sciences. It is a flower that is recognized and appreciated for its hair development properties and its ability to stop premature graying of hair. This plant has cooling properties, decreasing excessive heat and inflammation in the scalp while nourishing your hair follicles. Hibiscus has been used in Indian history as a hair care essential. After all, there is a reason Indian women have thick and luscious hair through the decades; we have been taught to oil our hair and which ingredients to use. 

Hibiscus has mucilage, which is a natural conditioner. This is the stickiness you feel on the hibiscus flower and leaf. When we make Hibiscus oil, this mucilage is released and extracted from the plant, directly into the oil mixture. In Ayurveda, hibiscus oil is known as Keshya, indicating the plant’s hair nourishing properties. People with strong pitta dosha and people who stay up late at night, have a lot of heat under their skin. This heat can make your scalp inflamed, which can be very damaging to your hair, leading to thinning and greying. While hibiscus calms Pitta dosha, it is also known to balance Kapha and Vata dosha. Hibiscus hair oil nourishes the hair, helping you maintain pH balance in the scalp and reducing natural oil output from your glands. It is also especially good for treating split ends. 


It is important to look at the method Hibiscus oil is made with and the quality of the plant. Hibiscus plants grown in chemically laden soil have dead cells and lesser nutrients, due to impure food. It is similar to how we humans get diseases when we eat unsafely grown food. It is best to look for local and organically made Hibiscus oil, because the plant is then nutrient rich and has enough energy to transfer to us for hair growth. Anahata’s Hibiscus hair oil is handmade and is used making traditional methods. This oil is not only organic and nutrient rich, but carries a therapeutic scent and energy within it. Organic hibiscus oil, when used consistently, can also regenerate hair in bald spots on the scalp! 

Here is a small recipe for nourishing Hibiscus oil. While Anahata’s Hibiscus hair oil is a more detailed and complex recipe/process, this is something you can try out to check out the plant’s properties:

Best Hibiscus Hair Oil For Hair Growth | Hair Care | Organic Product live

Hibiscus is a nutritious ingredient for your hair’s overall health, and when used correctly, it can truly transform your hair and improve it from the inside out. It strengthens your hair by nourishing you hair follicles and has been proven to give stronger, darker hair. 

At Anahata, we use recipes and formulas as written in the Indian Vedas. A lot of our formulations come from the Himalayan region in India. We use traditional methods, organic and premium quality produce, and always make sure our hand made products are made with the intention of positive energy.

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