Gut Detox Combo

Do you often compromise on your gut health due to a hectic lifestyle? Our Gut Detox combo has got you covered! Gut detoxification is a crucial process as the gut is a microbiome that controls weight, skin health, emotions and immunity building processes. This combo will help you remove toxins from the body, rejuvenate your digestive system, and lead you towards sattvic and mindful eating.

This Gut Detox Combo Includes:

Orange and Ginger Root Green Tea

Infused with the goodness of orange, basil & ginger root, it clears the nasal tract, stimulates digestive juices and relieves constipation.

Kanji Protein Mix

A healthy solution to stop unhealthy cravings, this mix is high in protein and fiber. Consumed as a drink with milk, buttermilk or water, it is a instant source of energy and is highly nutritious.

Jowar Idli Pre-Mix

A healthy breakfast item with millets, cereals and pulses, this pre-mix is ideal for a low carb gut detox. This mix can be used to make Jowar Idlis which are delicious and nutritious.

Cold-pressed Olive Oil

Switching from refined oils to cold-pressed oils is the best thing you can do for your stomach! Olive oil is very low in cholesterol and doesn’t contribute to weight gain.

Panchavati Dal Mix

With natural lentils and pulses, this dal mix is ideal to make lentil soup, khichdi and dals. Its blended to provide high fibre and easy digestion.

Moringa Turmeric Infused Salt

Switch from white salt to infused salts made with Himalayan pink salt. The Moringa Turmeric salt is the perfect addition to any Indian dish or fresh salad.


Ancient Indian scientific texts recognize the belly buttons as a vital energy point and nerve center. Nabhira is a therapeutic navel oil made with neem, pure ghee, lemon, coconut and almond. This blend lubricates the internal mechanism of the body. It improves skin health, boosts metabolism, detoxifies the blood and provides a holistic approach to wellbeing.

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