Graceful Ageing Combo

Are you noticing signs of ageing on your skin? As we grow older, our skin’s necessities and framework undergoes changes. Our skin becomes thinner, loses its protective fat layer, shows wrinkles and loses elasticity. Graceful Ageing combo includes products with saffron, 24K gold, rose, aloe vera, lavender and other skin enriching ingredients. It works to prevent early signs of ageing, boost collagen, make skin firm and tone muscles.

This Graceful Ageing Combo Includes:

Kesara Gel 

Aloe gel infused with saffron, it improves skin elasticity and texture. Also helps reduce pigmentation and dark spots on the face. 

Sarasa Rose and Marjoram Scrub

Its gentle exfoliation removes dead skin cells and makes skin smooth. Marjoram is known to restore hormonal balance in the body that evens and brightens the skin complexion.

Mrja Under Eye Balm

An Indic blend of ingredients including ghee, shea butter and Vitamin E that helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles and de-puff the eyes. Best when used after the Mrja Under Eye Powder to reduce dark circles.

Kumkumadi Tailam

A Vedic recipe of herbs, roots, flowers and oils to improve skin texture. It contains saffron, cardamom, basil and other skin enriching ingredients that repair early signs of ageing and works all as an all rounder!

Lavender Grapeseed Massage Oil 

Ideal for cellulite reduction and improving microcirculation on the body, practicing Abhyanga with this massage oil is highly beneficial. 

Ubtan Bathing Powder 

Some parts of the body age faster than the face, especially the hands. The Ubtan powder is a natural exfoliant and skin enhancer, that smoothens skin, de-tans the body and improves its texture and elasticity. 

Best results are seen in less than a month when you incorporate this combo with a healthy lifestyle. We recommend a 21 day routine with our products and the following lifestyle suggestions:

  • Use our skincare products as mentioned 
  • Practice face yoga with kumkumadi oil
  • Try eating before 7:30 pm
  • Avoid fizzy drinks and fast foods. If you have cravings, make them at home!
  • Use Himalayan pink salt for food preparation
  • Apply sesame oil on the feet at night 
  • Practice 20 minutes of yoga daily

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