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Buy Edible Camphor/Kapur

Never confuse between synthetic camphor the edible camphor. Both are different from each other. Normal camphor, also known as Kapur in Hindi, is usually a crystalline substance mainly used to worship God. Normal camphor is manufactured artificially from chemical, mainly turpentine. But Edible camphor is used to add taste to the dishes mainly used in sweets. If you are looking for edible camphor, you can get one from the Anahataorganic official website. Quickly visit the website and get benefited from their natural products at your doorstep just by one click.

Benefits of Edible Camphor

Good for hair

The primary benefits of camphor for hair are that it acts as an effective treatment for hair fall because it contains antimicrobial and antifungal properties. As camphor oil is blended with coconut oil, if you massage with the oil on your scalp, it helps relieve dandruff, itchy scalp and promotes hair growth. The best manufacturer and supplier of edible camphor is anahataorganic. You can get the camphor oil online directly from the official website of anahataorganic. You can get the online delivery of the camphor for hair at your doorstep.

Relieve cough and cold 

Edible camphor is an ideal solution in relieving you from cough and cold. Because it has expectorant properties that eliminate the mucus from the lungs and provide you with comfortable breathing, people suffering from the cough and cold can also get relieves from the edible camphor.

Aids digestion 

Coconut oil and camphor for the face, apart from this edible camphor, also has digestive properties. Thus, it improves the health of the digestive system, which is the primary reason for indigestion. Hence, with edible camphor, you can improve your digestive system and get rid of gastric problems. Moreover, you can get the camphor online.

Organic Product of Edible Camphor

  • Sarasa Rose and Marjoram Scrub: Infused with sundried, exotic herbs and flowers, it reduces acne, removes dead skin cells and eradicates pigmentation.

How to consume edible camphor

  • Boil a dash of edible camphor with the seeds of ajwain into a half cup of water 
  • Then half its original quality. 
  • After in the end, add any water to it before drinking. 
  • Doing this help to improve the digestive problems.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, It is safe and also helps to remove impurities from the atmosphere.However, it is unsafe when taken by mouth.

Edible Camphor mixed with coconut oil and gently apply on the scalp helps manage dandruff and itchy scalp.

Take one pinch of edible camphor powder and add some jaggery to it and consume it this will give you relief from cough.

Kapur, Kapura, Kaaphoraa, Karpram, Cinnamomum camphora.

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