Eczema 101

What is it like to have eczema?

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A medical condition in which patches of skin become rough and inflamed with blisters which cause itching and bleeding.Like many others, my story of googling ‘Eczema’ happened when things got really bad.

I first started noticing eczema patches on my face and scalp around six years back. At that point in time, I thought it was just dry skin. Naive as I was, I carelessly lathered random products onto my skin and they gave me temporary results. Eventually, when things started to get serious, I went to see a dermatologist. It was then that I was diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis. Under my dermatologist’s supervision, I started taking tropical steroid medicines. And honestly, they did work. My skin would be good for as long as I was using these products. Skip one day and it would go back to what it was like, pre-treatment; or in some cases, worse. Come summer, with sun exposure, my eczema would simply flare-up like it knew no end. During the rains, with all the humidity, my hair would be all over the place. I would suffer terrible scalp infections and would be back on steroids.

For me, all of this was too much to handle. How could someone like me who took great care of her skin–use the best products, have such bad skin? After a lot of trial and error that also included using derma-favourites like Cetaphil or high-end products that were made for sensitive skin, I had almost given up. Not to mention how a hectic job just added to my woes. Every time things got stressful at work, it would show up on my face. Up until very recently when I had an eczema-psoriasis attack, I did not take my skin condition as seriously as I should have.

Countless skin tests, blood tests, dermatologist-recommended steroid creams, specialist appointments, and light treatments later, I very randomly started to use Anahata’s Rose and Aloe vera gel to calm my face. As is normative with most natural products, it took a while for my skin to adjust. I made sure I was patient. Undoing all that damage to then repair my skin with natural, chemical-free products would definitely take more time than steroids would. I had to trust the process and let nature do its job.

Once my skin adapted to the product, I gradually started to use it on my scalp and anywhere else that looked dry–so much so that now it has become my go-to for literally everything: even a sunburn for that matter. I have been strictly advised to not use any oils on my scalp for the very fact that they are comedogenic. But the Keshamrit and

Jasmine shampoo has done wonders to my hair. I cannot emphasize enough on how great it has worked out for me. Quite recently, I also started using the Kumkumadi Tailam. I dilute it with a light moisturiser or sometimes Anahata’s saffranin-inused glow cream and I love how it is a warm hug to my skin. So far, my skin has been slow but has been reacting very well to Anahata’s products.

Honestly, I have cut off all drugstore products from my skincare routine. I understand that there still is a long journey ahead and with the right balance of healthy food, generous meditation and the right skincare, I am confident that my eczema and I will have our happy ending.

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