Dry Skin Combo 

Is dry skin, irritation and flakiness bothering your skin? Anahata’s Dry Skin Combo is here to nourish! Many factors make the skin dry including changes in weather conditions, low water intake, irregular eating habits, too much air conditioning and imbalance of skin pH levels.   

Skincare For Dry Skin On Face

Madhumritam Honey Face Wash

Honey face wash containing Vitamins B1, B2, and C that softens the skin and nourishes it naturally. 

Kesara Glow Cream 

It is an ultra-rich saffron face moisturizer which boosts collagen and is rich in skin-firming, skin-healing and skin-glowing properties. 

Illuminating face Baume 

This gel serum is a blend of 24K gold, saffron, sweet almond oil and fresh jasmine flowers, giving a natural shine and bounce to the skin. 

Rose Aloe Lip Balm 

 To treat dry and chapped lips with a natural touch of rose and aloe vera 


Rose Almond Body Glow Oil

This ultra rich and hydrating massage oil goes deep into your skin to nourish and activate it. It reduces dryness on the body and works well as a pre-shower oil

Snanamrit Ubtan Powder 

Much like our dadis and nanis used to make, this ubtan is made with natural exfoliators, herbs and flowers, and provides a deep cleanse to the skin, leaving it feeling soft and natural 

*Practice Udhwartanam, an Indic Ritual, for effective results instantly*
Goat Milk and Honey Soap

Paraben and sulphate free formulation

Chandan Soap

Traditional natural soap for skin nourishment

Vanilla Body Lotion

Made with a rich and gentle formula, this body lotion deeply moisturizes the skin to remove dryness.  


This navel oil lubricates the internal system efficiently, purifies the blood and ensures blemish-free skin. 

Best results are seen in less than a month when you incorporate this combo with a healthy lifestyle. We recommend a 21 day routine with our products and the following lifestyle suggestions:

  • Use our skincare products as mentioned 
  • Reduce your time in air conditioned spaces 
  • Drink coconut water with ½ lemon every evening
  • Avoid fizzy drinks and fast foods. If you have cravings, make them at home!
  • Use A2 girnar cow ghee for food preparation
  • Apply sesame oil on the feet at night 
  • Practice 20 minutes of yoga daily
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