Vedic Rituals for a healthy day

The Indic-Vedic system of knowledge is a legacy of thousands of years of extensive research; a holistic scientific network that empowers us to understand our mind, body and emotions. Indian seers understood subtle energies that bound us, foods that affected our behaviour and geo-physical cycles that impacted our moods and emotions. This  connection resulted in regimens and rituals for fabulous health, natural beauty and a peaceful life– this is the dinacharya.

The dinacharya is a series of steps and practices that are meant to be imbibed as a way of life. They touch upon the physical, mental and emotional stimuli that affects our health, state of mind, behaviour, relationships and overall disposition. Practicing dinacharya correctly can ensure optimal physical health, balance our doshas and align our energies.

Though these rituals may seem difficult to follow, time-consuming to do or outdated- they actually have the potential to slowly but surely transform your health. They have been practiced in this land for many years, with considerations of genetics, traditions, behaviours, food habits and lifestyle of this land. These rituals can build a life of optimal wellness that detoxifies, nourishes and purifies the mind and body. Practicing dinacharya for just 21 days will give you noticeable changes in your fitness, appearance, energy and mindset.

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