Anxiety Control Mood Blend "Dhyaan"

चिंतायाश्च चितायाश्च बिन्दुमात्रं विशिष्यते |

चिता दहति निर्जीवं चिन्ता दहति जीवनम् ||”

The pyre burns the dead body, and stress burns down the whole life!

Anxiety control mood blend are available at Anahata Organic to relax your mind  Whereas, Anxiety is a common human emotion. Each individual experiences it in some or another way in their lifetime. It can be due to high expectations, pending work, future goals, relationships, or any other significant aspect of your life. This tight routine accompanies several feelings and emotions and one of them is Anxiety. It is a well-known response to stress. It is generally believed that anxiety is restricted to an individual’s mental state, it may or may not be the reality!

However, anxiety has an impact on our whole being- mind, body and emotions. Finding solace in one practice is a good way out, especially when there are so many products and techniques that bombard us with information. For me, the best solution has been meditation. Before we go there, lets understand some common issues that an anxious mind can manifest as.

Common Problems Associated With Anxiety

Psychodermatologists, have done an abundance of research and come to various inferences on how anxiety affects the mind, body, skin and hair.

Common problems associated with anxiety are weight loss, insomnia, bloating, lethargy, depressive feelings, burnout and stress. Some skin issues include Acne, Eczema, Urticaria, Psoriasis, and also hair loss, hair thinning and balding. Not only these but there is also a well-established link between itching and experiences of anxiousness.

Anxiety Control Mood Blend
What is the best way to reduce anxiety?

Anxiety Control Mood Blend

Meditation is a one stop solution to calming an anxious mind and making it still. This aligns the chakras in the body, regulates your natural circadian rhythms, and brings back the glow that is lost among the stress. There are scientific and spiritual evidences to suggest the holistic development that sitting still and focusing on the breath can bring about. Try using pranayama and aromatherapy to channel your meditative practices.

A good podcast to start meditating on is – ‘UNBLOCK’ by RADHIKA IYER TALATI. It is a guided meditation series that is perfect to begin the practice of meditation.

Aromatherapy is a scientific way to use essential oils that trigger the olfactory nerves and help in reducing anxiety. At Anahata, we offer various blends that target specific issues of anxiety, migraine, body pain, and general malaise.

The best products to start with include – Meditative Blend, Feel Calm Roll-On, Sleep Booster Blend, Mood Enhancer blend.

Sleeping Right

Insomnia or a disturbed sleep schedule will add on feelings of anxiety. In order to nourish your skin and hair, try and make a bedtime routine and fix a sleeping schedule.

The Indic Essential Oils and Creams have proven to be beneficial for enhancing the quality of sleep. Anahata has a wide array of essential oils and blends that would aid your beauty sleep and rejuvenate the mind.

Eating Right

Apart from doing external rituals, your body needs to be healthy internally as well. And a healthy diet can do the needful. It will provide the nutrients that would enhance your mood, calm the senses and help you live a sattvic life.

Anahata has a wide range of nutritious foods that can lead you towards mindful eating. You can try our Vegan Kanji Protein Mix to fill the protein gap, or use our power-packed cold-pressed oils for a light meal.

Anahata offers 100% natural products that work as catalysts in reducing anxiety and stress. Our mission is to help our community take care of ourselves- mentally, physically and spiritually. Reach out to Anahata for all your beauty, health, and wellness concerns.

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