Pure Desi Ghee

Desi Ghee

Desi ghee is made from cow’s milk. It is considered as powerful food as it adds value to your food. Apart from using it in food, you can also use it in lighting diyas. In today’s time, finding pure desi ghee is somewhat difficult. Considering the situation, anahata organic is offering pure desi ghee at the various price ranges.

How to get effective result


To obtain the effective result from cow ghee, you will have to add some desi ghee to your food as it controls your fat levels and adds taste to your food. Unlike all other ghee’s, it stimulates the digestive system and improves it. Not only using the desi ghee also brings the glow to your skin. If you start using desi ghee regularly, you will start noticing the result with 3-4 weeks.

Benefits of desi ghee


Desi ghee helps digest the food more effectively, even during the time of stimulating the digestive enzymes. If you are not finding the finest quality desi cow ghee, you can refer to the anahata organic as they offer you the top quality pure ghee at the minimal price range.


Good for eyesight:

If you consume desi ghee daily, then there are possibilities to improve your vision as it contains a good amount of vitamin A. Many people use cow ghee along with honey for external applications to improve eyesight.


Melts Belly Fat:

If you are looking to melt your belly fat, you will need desi ghee. Pure ghee offered by anahata organic contains conjugated linolenic acid in this health product which is beneficial for you to extra fat. Experts have suggested that if you massage around your belly with desi ghee to melt it away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes Desi Ghee is good for health. Desi ghee is a better option than commercially processed butter as it has a lower fat content. So, don’t be afraid to use it but remember that pure desi ghee is always made of cow’s milk.

Desi ghee is ghee made from milk by indigenous process. It is produced after enormous churning of buttermilk and heating butter at the right temperature, in a traditional method for that aromatic and rich flavour.

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