Dalchini (Cinnamon)

Dalchini Cinnamon & its Ayurvedic Benefits


Dalchini Cinnamon & its Ayurvedic Benefits दालचीनीकेफायदे

Dalchini or Cinnamon is a popular Indian spice obtained from the inner bark of the evergreen Cinnamomum trees. It has powerful medicinal properties and is used in cooking, beauty products, herbal drinks, massage oils and many therapies. Native to Sri Lanka, India. South America & West Indies, cinnamon is a powerful spice that can transform your health and wellness quotient.

Called त्वक्, दारुसिता, चोचम or वराङ्ग in Sanskrit, cinnamon has been revered in Indic sciences including Ayurveda, Siddha & Unani. With warm, pungent & sweet qualities, Dalchini balances the Vata & Kaphadoshas in the body. During winters especially, herbal concoctions with cinnamon & other earthy spices are a staple across many homes due to their warming, metabolic properties. If you can add organic & pure cinnamon into your diet, you will notice an increased digestive fire, reduced coughing and production of phlegm in the body. Lets explore the different ways this powerful spice can improve your wellbeing.

Dalchini Cinnamon for Cough & Cold

With innate warming qualities, cinnamon reduces seasonal coughs, excessive phlegm and mucus in the body and bloating. Cinnamon infused water is a traditional drink that is a quick fix for a cold. It has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, when consumed moderately. A powerful combination is also 1 tablespoon honey with a pinch of cinnamon powder, especially in the winters. 

Improved Gut Health

Improved Gut Health

A healthy gut can make you happy! 99% of the body’s serotonin or ‘happy hormone’ is produced in a healthy gut, and cinnamon can help you achieve that. It is a natural digestive that can relieve stomach discomfort and constipation. Here is a recipe for an herbal drink you can have 2-3 times a week for improved gut health. Remember that cinnamon can be warm for the body and cause Pitta imbalance, so consume it mainly if you have a Kapha or Vatadosha.

  • 1 cup warm water
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon powder
  • Squeeze half a Lime
  • Stir & Drink
  • 1 cup warm water
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon powder
  • Squeeze half a lime
  • Stir & Drink

Another great way to incorporate cinnamon in your diet is to consume the Rose & Cinnamon De-Stressing Green Tea Blend at Anahata Organic. With the goodness of detoxifying green tea leaves, this blend is loaded with antioxidants and immunity-building ingredients like cinnamon, roses, ginger, and cloves. This full-bodied tea blend is rich and robust with flavors and is the perfect tea for you to unwind and relax. Drink this daily at night to cleanse the system. 

Balancing Vata & Kapha Dosha

Dalchini or तज can balance your digestion, mood, gut health, sex drive and other wellness quotients if you have a Vata or KaphaDosha. Since it has warming, earthy qualities is regulates the air & space and earth & water qualities of the two doshas. Pitta dosha, based on fire and water need cooling spices and ingredients to tame excessive oiliness, acid reflux, heat generation and body odour in the body. Thus, if you fall ill during seasonal flus, face digestive issues, frequent migraines, cough cold and general low immunity, cinnamon can be a powerful ingredient for your health.

Healthy Sex Drive

A common ritual practiced in older time was to rub a small portion of cinnamon oil on the genital regions for its aphrodisiac qualities. Studies are also indicating that the regular consumption of cinnamon increases sperm quality, numbers and male sex drive. Thus is it commonly used in treatment of infertility. According to the Kamasutra, having equal parts cinnamon and nutmeg with milk before bedtime can do wonders for your sex life and help in solving conception issues. We have an amazing recipe for a nutmeg drink for infertility that can be consumed by a couple.

Glowing, Acne-Free Skin

लवंगपत्तै, किरफा, एरिकोलम, दारूचीनी are some names of cinnamon, the magic spice for acne free skin. Mix cinnamon powder with 1 teaspoon and apply this paste on acne, pimples of acne scars. Cinnamon has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, which prevents skin infections and inflammations. and pimples. Another hack is also to make a mask with cinnamon, banana, milk and rose water. This is a hydrating and balancing face mask. Using rose water or saffron gel after applying cinnamon is crucial for cooling the skin.

An effective way to incorporate the benefits of other spices for the skin is to use the Acne Fighter by Anahata. It is a handcrafted blend of medicinal herbs and spices, and is a potent mask that naturally reduces acne and eliminates acne scars. Powered by cloves and vetiver, it helps remove stubborn blackheads and recurring pimples, thus improving skin health and texture. Its ingredients include cloves, cumin, black pepper and vetiver.

Lip Care & Plumping

Cinnamon, when combined with orange is a lip care essential and can help you reduce pigmentation or dark lips. It is an excellent lip scrub and can give a natural plumping effect for the skin. The Anahata Orange & Cinnamon Overnight Lip Masque is powered by the benefits of cinnamon. It ensures hydrated, soft, and pink lips while effectively reducing chapped and dry lips, acting as a calming agent. You can also try our Vanilla Shea Butter Lip Scrub for perfect exfoliation and removal of dry skin from the lips.

There are many other medicinal benefits of Dalchini including for diabetes, blood pressure and digestion. It has a wonderful, woody aroma and unique taste, and can be cooked in savoury and sweet food preparations. Slowly, start incorporating the benefits of this wonderful spice into your life. You can find organic Dalchini or cinnamon sticks on our website here.

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