Bridal Skin Prep Combo

Looking for a natural and long-lasting solution to dandruff? Dandruff is caused due to harsh products, yeast overgrowth, dry skin, environmental changes, stress and other such factors. It leads to itchiness, visible flakes and acne as well. This Anti-Dandruff Combo is made to solve your dandruff issues holistically.

This Combo Includes:

Kesara Saffron Infused Toning Gel

Saffron or Kesara is a Vedic ingredient that balances the Tridoshas and provides glowing skin. Indulgent and premium, this cream enhances collagen, reduces hyperpigmentation and offers rich nourishment to the skin.

Kesara Cell Regeneration Serum with 24 K Gold

Powered by 24K Gold, Kesara serum is an effective solution to restore skin health, repair sun damage and reduce hyperpigmentation. With rich ingredients like saffron that promotes collagen building, rose that restores firmness of the skin and pumpkin seeds that prevent cell damage, this high performance serum is an absolute must for your skincare arsenal.

Kesara Saffron Infused Glow Cream

Saffron is a rich, Vedic ingredient that offers wonderful benefits to the skin. Saffron Infused Toning Gel improves skin elasticity, repairs sun damage and reduces hyperpigmentation. Indulgent and premium, this gel leaves the skin glowing and rejuvenated.

Kesara Saffron Infused Massage Oil

The Kesara Massage Oil is a deeply hydrating blend containing skin friendly ingredients that keep the skin healthy and supple. Abundant in potassium, saffron is a key ingredient that locks in moisture and removes pigmentation; while fenugreek keeps the bones and joints strong. Practice Abhyanga with this oil for glowing skin!


Ancient Indian scientific texts recognize the belly buttons as a vital energy point and nerve center. Nabhira is a therapeutic navel oil made with neem, pure ghee, lemon, coconut and almond. This blend lubricates the internal mechanism of the body. It improves skin health, boosts metabolism, detoxifies the blood and provides a holistic approach to wellbeing.


Noor is an effective eyelash and eyebrow growth oil, that strengthens the hair and prevents breakage. Regular usage gives a natural shape to the brows and boosts lash volume.

Rose & Marjoram Scrub

A blend of sun-dried, exotic herbs and flowers, Sarasa is an effective face mask that gently exfoliates and rejuvenates facial skin. Powered by rose, marjoram, neem, mogra and white turmeric, it greatly improves skin texture, softens skin and reduces redness on the skin. The best part is the instant glow that you experience after applying this mask.

Kesara Illuminating Baume with 24 K Gold

Kesara Illuminating Baume gives a smooth, glowy and natural finish to the skin. Powered by 24K gold flakes, fresh jasmine, saffron and almond oil, it is rich in minerals and antioxidants that hydrate the skin, boost collagen and improve skin texture.

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kesara illuminating baume with 24k gold 15gm
Kesara Illuminating Baume with 24 K Gold

Best results are seen in less than a month when you incorporate this combo with a healthy lifestyle. We recommend a 21 day routine with our products and the following lifestyle suggestions:

  • Use our haircare products as mentioned 
  • Do not apply conditioner to the scalp
  • Oil your hair 2-3 times a week
  • Avoid fizzy drinks and fast foods. If you have cravings, make them at home!
  • Practice 20 minutes of meditation daily

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