Use the best massage oil for baby to develop its mind, body, and soul

A gentle and loving touch is the foundation of strong bonding between a mother and the child. Baby massage with the best quality organic oil helps in the development of the bones of your toddler. Baby massage before bath is considered a healthy practice that lets your restless infant sleep soundlessly after bath.

Using the best massage oil for baby can really make the difference to keep the child active, joyful, and smiling all day long. Massage oils protect your baby’s soft & delicate skin by keeping it nourished and moisturized.

A study revealed that premature babies who received baby massages for 15 minutes a day, gained more weight. Not only this, they left the hospital one week earlier (on average). A year later these same pre-mature toddlers had higher IQs than others just held routinely. Other study revealed that healthy and full-term babies who received massage every day cried less, were more alert and were socially engaged.

Tiffany Field, the director of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine explained that baby massage helps in stimulating his/her central nervous system. Massage helps the baby’s brain to create more serotonin (a feel-good chemical) and less cortisol (a hormone that’s released in response to stress). It results in slowing down your baby’s heart rate and breathing and he/she becomes more relaxed.

What are the important benefits of baby massage?

Apart from helping in strengthening bonding between a mother and her toddler, regular massage using the best massage oil for baby offers many health benefits-

  • Make him/her feel protected, relaxed and reduce his crying
  • Encourage the interaction between you and the baby
  • A gentle massage before sleep during nighttime help babies to have a sound sleep
  • Aid in relieving colic, gas and improve digestion
  • Increase daily weight gain
  • Improve skin texture
  • Relieve nasal congestion and teething discomfort
  • Help relieve muscular stiffness and growing pains
  • Enhance body awareness
  • Boost the immune system
  • Help baby to develop physically, mentally, and socially

What safety precautions should be taken during the baby massage?

Safety precautions during massage are the most important part of child care. Parents need to consider these things before giving a massage to their baby.

  1. First of all, avoid high surfaces like a table or a bed. It is best to use a flat surface to rub and knead infants’ muscles and limbs using the best massage oil for baby. You can use a soft blanket or a thick mat on the floor.
  2. Buy massage oil of brands that adhere to Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) guidelines. They should also have the ISI and AGMARK certifications. You can use Orange and Turmeric Massage Oil  &  Saffron and Fenugreek Massage Oil from Anahataorganic for the desired results.
  3. Putting oil in the nose, eyes, ears and naval is a common practice in India. It can be dangerous and lead to infections. You should avoid doing it.
  4. Make sure you trim your nails and remove any jewelry before handling the baby, otherwise it can put a scratch on his/her skin and can irritate them.
  5. If your baby starts crying, spit out milk or falls asleep during the massage, stop giving him/her massage. Let the baby relax.
  6. If your baby’s skin becomes itchy, red, sore or flaky after applying particular oil on your baby’s skin, then immediately stop using it.

What are the 5 most important steps of baby massage?

Massage is an amazing way for a mother to feel connected to her baby. You can use massage oil for baby even at a very early age or when the baby starts crawling. Organic baby massage oils come with antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties and help to heal and soothe dry, itchy, and rough skin. You can follow our step-by-step guide to learn some basic techniques for baby massage.

  • A quiet and cozy place– Choose a cozy and comfortable place for baby massage. Place the mat on the floor or towel on the bed. Make eye contact with them and let them know that it’s massage time. 
  • Set the mood– Dim the lights, play some soft, relaxing music, and undress the baby. If the baby is alert and completely enjoying the environment, it means he/she is ready for massage. Sometimes, babies don’t feel comfortable or start crying when you start their massage, in such cases you should take a pause and cuddle instead. 
  • Start slow– Make the baby lie down on their back. You can start slowly by applying oil and rubbing each body part gently. Spend some time rubbing each part of his/her body. Start massage with their head and slowly going down to their legs and feet. Each part of the massage should last as long as your baby is enjoying it. 
  • Repeat rubbing – Now placing your baby on his/her stomach. Rub gently and massage each part of your baby’s body. Ideally, you should spend at least one-minute rubbing different areas, including your baby’s head, shoulders, neck, upper back, arms, waist, legs, feet, and hands. 
  • Wind up with a bath – As mentioned above, traditionally, babies are given massage just before their bath which usually done in the morning. You can finish the baby massage session with a wonderful bath using baby shampoo and baby soaps.
Massage oil for baby

Special advice- Keep talking and singing

To keep your child relaxed and comfortable, always communicate with him/her during the massage. You can tell them a story, sing a rhyme or a song to bring a smile on their face. You can keep repeating their name and utter the word “relax” to handle them calmly.

Furthermore, singing may be helpful in baby feeding and sleeping. It positively impacts a baby’s growth and development. Babies themselves start developing the ability to identify sound at about 25 weeks. Dutch and Hungarian scientists determined day-old infants can recognize rhythmic patterns. We’re born with the gift to appreciate singing.

4 effective tips for choosing the right massage oil for baby

“Which oil is best for infant’s massage?” It is the general topic of confusion among new mothers. A newborn baby’s skin is delicate, so choosing the right oil for the baby’s massage is important. Follow these four tips to pick the right oil for your toddler.

  • Consult your pediatrician: There are many types of oils available in the market like Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Oat Oil, etc. Your pediatrician can help you to choose the best oil. They are experts in this field and they know which oil will work the best for your baby’s skin.
  • Apply only baby massage oil: You should never use adult massage oil for your baby. Buy the oils which are specially formulated for babies. The baby skin is far too delicate. So, never take a chance using oils that are made for adults.
  • Avoid using strong-scented oil: Prefer organic oils only. Your infant might accidentally swallow the oil while massaging. So, just to be on the safer side, use edible oils only.
  • Avoid mixing oils: Do not mix 2-3 oils together to increase the chances of success. It can sometimes cause allergies or skin reactions. Continue using the same oil for your baby’s skin.

Final Words

Baby massage offers multiple health benefits. The message is a soothing therapy that calms the baby and promotes bonding between a mother and the baby. Many mothers don’t know massaging techniques. A mother and a baby may have to practice a few times before getting it just right. With each practice, you’ll be developing a deeper, unbeatable loving bond with your baby. Do not hesitate to talk to your pediatrician regarding the best massage oil for baby and in case he/she develops an allergy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Massage can be soothing for babies. Before starting the massage, make sure the room is cozy, the baby is quiet, fresh and alert. Take a few drops of baby massage oil like Orange and Turmeric Massage Oil & Saffron and Fenugreek Massage Oil into your warm palms and massage every part of the baby’s body starting with the head. Use gentle, slow strokes from head to toes. You can try placing him/her on his belly and repeat massage all over for short time.

Babies can receive gentle, warm touch, and stroke from the minute they are born. Newborns feel protected by skin contact. It helps to develop a bond between a mom and a baby. Massages, when done in the right way, can help your baby feel nurtured, protected, and loved. Make sure to follow your baby’s mood. He/she should be calm, alert, and fresh when you’re ready to give him/her a massage.

This oil should be 100% natural and organic for baby massage. It should have a very soft smell and can be easily absorbed into the skin. It should not be harmful if ingested if the baby sucks his/her fingers. It is advisable to consult your pediatrician before you pick any massage oil for baby. Avoid using adult oils. Always prefer oils that are specially formulated for babies.

Traditionally, in India, a massage is given before a bath in the morning. Try to give him/her little massage time every day before bath. It will help him/her to have sound sleep.

If a baby starts crying while his/her massage session, stop the massage. If your baby seems uncomfortable, use a soothing touch. Try to talk to the baby, sing a song or rhyme to distract him/her. Still, if it is not helping, avoid massage. Make sure babies are ready for the massage and feel alert during that time.

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