Organic Agarbatti

Agarbatti are instant mood enhancers. For many Indians, they bring back memories of home. Apart from being mood enhancers and fragrant, agarbatti comes with health benefits too. Agarbatti are known to help get rid of germs. The naturally found components in organic incense sticks have antibacterial properties that keep diseases at bay. The strong fragrance of agarbatti also activates body receptors, which speed up healing processes in the body, particularly organic sandalwood agarbatti. Agarbatti also helps with headaches and migraines, and is known to aid in making one less anxious. Anahata’s hand-rolled agarbatti are made from organic desi flowers that are designed to spread positivity when lit. The scent of natural flowers is known to calm the mind and help one become more in tune with nature. They are great mood enhancers for relaxation and meditation too.
Beauty Products

The Anahata Haridra Acne Fighting Turmeric Face Wash is the best 100% natural organic face wash for oily, acne-prone skin. It helps improve skin texture, remove acne, reduce acne marks and adds a natural glow.

The Anahata Bloom Elixir is the best perfect acne serum for oily serum.

60% of rose toner is rose water. So it can be a mild toner.

Not necessarily. Applying hair oil twice or thrice a week is sufficient.

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