What are the benefits of Sandalwood?

Sandalwood: an ode to India. It is a legacy our forefathers have been carrying forward for ages. From being served as offerings to various gods and goddesses, to being used as an astringent in the ancient times, this little symbol of nostalgia has been a constant in Indian households since the dawn of time. We at Anahata uphold this celebratory tradition by incorporating all of sandalwood’s benefits and nourishment in our eco-friendly beauty products and worship items range.

In our little jars, we try to capture not only the timeless benefits this antiseptic ingredient offers, but also an essence of nature’s goodness. For centuries sandalwood has been used in Indian, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines for treating a range of health problems from headaches and stomach aches to certain eruptive skin diseases. It is often used as an anti-inflammatory because of its cooling and healing properties. Apart from its incorporation as a food enhancer in meals and beverages, it is also observed to be a part of early practices of aromatherapy which remain helpful for some even in today’s modern age. Further sandalwood plays its part in treating both physical and psychological complications; it has a vital role in decreasing high levels of anxiety and fighting against skin cancer cells.

Sandalwood for dry skin

For particularly dry and flaky skin, sandalwood essential oil works to deeply moisturise the skin and lubricate it. Pure, organic sandalwood contains an agent known as santalol, which gives sandalwood oil it’s highly moisturising properties. Our – massage oil carries pure sandalwood oil, which gives it the properties of a coolant and lubricant. When this oil is massaged into the skin and absorbed, it will leave your skin feeling plump and rejuvenate your skin cells, adding life to dry skin.

Sandalwood for anti-aging, pigmentation and tanning

Sandalwood naturally carries a high level of antioxidants that fight against free-radicals that are harmful to the skin. This enables sandalwood to improve blood circulation in the face and increase the elasticity of the skin. Sandalwood also smoothens skin complexion, evening out skin colour gradually over time. This ingredient is also often used to de-tan the skin, often as a paste (sandalwood powder + milk/rose water).

Sandalwood for acne prone skin

Sandalwood is antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory in nature, which calms your skin and helps kill bacteria. Mixing the Anahata chandan powder with some curd makes for a great DIY acne mask. After the mask, or right before bed, you can apply the Anahata Bloom Elixir, a serum made specifically to keep acne away.

Sandalwood for hair

Apart from being amazingly fragrant, sandalwood is very mineral rich and this offers nourishment to the hair and gives it a beautiful shine. Our Jasmine and sandalwood shampoo opens up pathways in the body for production of keratin in the body, allowing for smoother hair texture over time. Sandalwood is also a great agent to treat dandruff, and discards excess sebum in the scalp, making it less oily.

Sandalwood as aromatherapy

The fragrance of sandalwood calms your brain waves and slows your mind, putting it in a meditative state. Anahata’s meditation blend contains sandalwood for this very reason. Sandalwood also has sedative effects, making it helpful for conditions like insomnia and migraines. Anahata’s chandan agarbatti and chandan powder are must haves if you love this ingredient. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want their house to smell like earthy sandalwood?

Ideal usage of Sandalwood

Sandalwood is extremely helpful in calming excess pitta, or heat in the body, which is the main reason it is used as a coolant in summers. If you experience easy breakouts on your face or if your digestion is too acidic, sandalwood may be just the thing for you. Anahata’s Chandan soap is a must have for hot Indian summers, as it’s fragrance is long lasting and divine, and this soap cools down your body instantly. Our chandanam powder can also be used as a paste to treat any rashes or burns.

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