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baby massage oil

Research shows that massaging your baby can reduce crying and fussiness, lead to longer sleep and also strengthen the bond you share with your little one. A good round of massage with the best baby oil can keep your baby happy. A good massage stimulates your young one's nervous system, and triggers the release of a number of happy hormonoes including serotonin and dopamine. Babies interpret touch to being closer, and relate their parents to touch. This is also why a crying baby when picked up by a parent, instantly calms down. If just touching your baby can make them happier, imagine what a good, healthy massage can do to them! Depending on how sensitive your baby's skin is, we suggest using the best baby massage oil. After all, isn't your little one's skin sensitive? Anahata offers a range of organic baby massage oils, infused with the goodness of nature. We at Anahata understand baby skin, and have accordingly curates the best oil for baby masssage into our babycare range. These oils are made with handpicked ingredients such as saffron and fenugreek. Get your baby the best massage oil today!
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