Asanas to control panic attack

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Asanas to control panic attack

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We live in a self inflicted state of uncertainity, insecurity and stress these days. While technolgy seems to advance at a rapid speed, human interactions is spiralling downwards leading to deteriorating relationships, irrational behaviour cycles and unstable emotional outbursts, resulting in panic both within as well as our outside world.

It is a new normal now to find people going through turbulent panic disorders that are accompanied by negative thoughts and distressing physical symptoms. It is becoming evident that we need to address issues related to mental health before its too late.


Thankfully, practicing yoga is known to help manage these thoughts and feelings, allowing an individual to live a good quality life. It is an ancient science that combines simple exercises with concious movements and calculated breathing techniques, reducing panic, anxiety, stress or depression. 


Yoga guides us towards self-care and suggests using relaxation and mediation to feel more calm, peaceful and most importantly, to be in control of ourselves. It is a well researched wisdom that integerates breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, imagery, visualization and breath to not only eradicate stress and anxiety, but also uplift oneself to peace and calm within at all times.  


Panic attacks keeps us constantly aware of a certain pain or tightness in the chest, especially when an unexpected situation comes up. You could experience trembling and dizziness combined with a shortnes of breath. Your heart could start pounding and you could also experience numbness throughout the body while sweating profusely. You could get caught into a loop hole of negative emotions easily and might find it very difficult to get out of such situations. 


If you are unfortunately someone who experiences these symptons, you need to firstly talk to someone and secondly, start practicing yoga to heal. Practicing yoga will allow you to simply focus on your breath, enhancing the capacity to live in the present moment. This can largely help quieten the negative mental chatter that goes on within you. Don’t underestimate the power of the humble yoga mat that has the capacity to help you stabilise the body and mind instantly. 


Here are a few asanas that can help you deal with panic attacks, anxiety and depression. Make sure to put these asanas into practice every singke day to find that shine within. Remember practice will make perfect and everytime you feel distracted, gently remind yourself to connect to the breath and get back. As you know, the term ‘YOGA’  itself means “to unite.”  So as you practice these asanas, allow this wisdom to help you connect the body, mind and spirit through its breath work, movements and relaxation to restore a sense of personal balance inside of you.


This classic standing pose helps you focus inward helping calm racing thoughts. It is a simple pose that can have loads of benefits. 


Simply get into a standing position with the feet wider than your hips. 


Shift your weight onto your right foot as you bend your left knee and clasp your left ankle, placing the sole of the left foot on the inner right thigh.


Find a straight line of energy through the center of the body as your raise both your arms upwards in ‘namaskar’. Bend your elbows slightly and gaze at a comfortable direction finding a spot. Hold this pose for as long as you are comfortable and then repeat on the opposite side.


This pose works the abdominal muscles, strengthens the quadriceps and legthens the spine. It improves your neuromascular coordination and increases alterness and concentration.


One of the most powerful postures to increase concentration and build lower body strength is with this pose. The Sanskrit word ‘Vira’ means brave and  ‘Bhadra’ means a Friend. So in that way, this posture is a universal friend. 


Spread your legs wide as your turn to the left side. Gaze at a point to find balance as you lift one foot parallel to the ground and push both your hands ahead of you as you bend from the hips. 


Elongate your body forward as you engage your butt and your abdomen firmly while you balance on one leg. 


Keep your knee slightly bend can also be helpful in creating a steady balance. Hold this pose for 30 seconds and repeat it on the other side. 


This amazing back-bending posture is known to help relieve tightness in your chest and align the back. As you practice the fish pose regularly, you work evenly on the intercostal muscles, directly making the hip flexors and the trapezius more flexible. This in turn gushes vital hormones in your system instantly relieving you of any mental stress. 


Sit comfortably with your legs stretched out in front of you and place your hands underneath your buttocks with the palms facing down.


Squeeze the elbows while expanding your chest and leaning back onto your forearms.  


Press into your arms and expand the chest.


Once comfortable suspend your head down towards the floor or let it rest on a cushion. Breathe normally and hold this pose until you are comfortable. 


One of the most relaxing poses is the supported leg up the wall pose. This restorative asana completely relaxes the mind and body and allows for effective blood circulation throughout the body. Practicing this pose work the hamstrings, makes the pelvic muscles stronger, strengthens the shoulder  and improves spine strength. 


Sit against a wall with your right side and as  you lie back swing your legs up along the wall.


Make sure that your  buttocks are as close to the wall as possible. 


Once comfortable, soften your back, press the back and shoulders onto the mat allowing your body to melt into the floor.


Close your eyes and breathe normally Hold this pose for up to 10 minutes. Dismount the posture in the same sequence. 

Yogic postures like Savasana , the corpse pose and makarasana or the crocodile pose are both absolutely relaxing postures and can be helpful if you learn to pay attention to your breath every time you practice them. This fosters awareness making breathing a calming process. 


Remember that panic attacks are nothing to be ashamed of because they can happen to literally anyone. Taking a yoga class can also be a great way to meet other people and feel more connected. So if you are faced with issues of loneliness and isolation, take a yoga class today to begin your journey towards enhanced personal wellness.

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