Art Of Gifting

Vedic gifting from the civilisation of India.

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Daana or giving has been an inherent part of this sub-continent. We belong to a culture where giving or gifting has always been considered not only an integral part of societal decorum but also a dharma or duty. The act of gifting was considered to be a gesture of benevolence that could create a bond of eternal love and care amongst those exchanging them.

In Vedic times, scholars, poets, artists etc. were given daan or gifts as a mark of the outstanding contributions that they would make to the kingdom in general. These could be in the form of cows, land or storehouses filled with grains. 

Later, Kings became known as mahādānanis or those that showered their subjects with loads of expensive gifts, ranging from gold and silver coins to lavish ornaments.
As a part of samskaras or ritual, no Indian ever went empty handed to each other’s homes; not only that even something like a one rupee coin had a huge significance, making any gift indivisible, and symbolising infinite blessings. Even today, we are proud of practicing these age old traditions of taking a gift wherever we go.
Here are a few Indic vedic gifting ideas from Anahata:

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