Anti-Dandruff Combo

Looking for a natural and long-lasting solution to dandruff? Dandruff is caused due to harsh products, yeast overgrowth, dry skin, environmental changes, stress and other such factors. It leads to itchiness, visible flakes and acne as well. This Anti-Dandruff Combo is made to solve your dandruff issues holistically.

This Combo Includes:

Rich in amino acids and Vitamin C, this hibiscus hair oil is deeply nourishing, reduces itchiness and restores hair growth from dormant follicles.

Keshamrit Scalp Cleanser

A one stop solution to reducing dandruff, this Vedic powder is a blend of traditional ingredients like neem, ashwagandha, kalonji, shikakai and others. It cools the scalp, reduces flakiness and removes itchiness instantly.

Lemon Shampoo

This anti-dandruff shampoo with lemon, aloe vera and other hair friendly ingredient will leave your scalp feeling light and dandruff free.

Flaxseed Conditioner

Remains of dried conditioner in the hair often causes dandruff. Power-packed with keratin and almond oil to make the hair lustrous, this lightweight formula is nourishing and easy to wash off.

Organic Dhoop Cups

Practice the ritual of using dhoop for the hair. It is excellent to reduce dandruff, calm the mind and ensure healthy hair.

Dhoop Holder

This easy to use wooden box helps you use dhoop safely.

Best results are seen in less than a month when you incorporate this combo with a healthy lifestyle. We recommend a 21 day routine with our products and the following lifestyle suggestions:

  • Use our haircare products as mentioned 
  • Do not apply conditioner to the scalp
  • Oil your hair 2-3 times a week
  • Avoid fizzy drinks and fast foods. If you have cravings, make them at home!
  • Practice 20 minutes of meditation daily
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