5 Important Worship Essential

1. Important role of incense sticks in worship essential

The use of incense in religious worship is found in Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Muslims, and Christianity. Incense is made with the help of various spices mixed with granular tree resin, when burned it emits a fragrance smell.

Incense sticks or Agarbathi play an essential role in the Hindu’s worship of God. These agarbatis are manufactured with the help of flowers, leaves, seeds, herbs, cow-dung, and sandalwood. Hindu rituals believe that prayers reached god directly by agarbati smoke and the use of camphor.

2. Fragrance Incense Stick Agarbatis

All religions use agarbatis during the worship of God for prayers and meditation purposes. Agarbatis smells help to improve mood and to create a pure and peaceful environment during worship.

Agarbatis fragrance is a natural booster that builds intense confidence and a lot of energy. In India, almost all religions use agarbati for the worship of God. It creates a mood and a peaceful environment that is best suitable for meditation, prayers, and worship.

2. Organic Hand Rolled Dhoop Stick

No extra chemical substances or bamboo or charcoal is used in the making of agarbatis manufacturing. For real fragrance incense stick, natural products like sandalwood, rose, flowers, seeds, and cow-dung are used for organic-based agarbatis.

These agarbatis are made by the hand-rolled dhoop method. This Organic Hand Rolled Dhoop Stick is being exported to more than 32 countries that include Argentina, China, Srilanka, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. These agarbatis are eco-friendly and non-toxic incense sticks.

3. Organic Sandalwood Chandan Agarbatti

Organic Sandalwood Chandan Agarbatti is a fresh fragrance incense sticks made from pure sandal ingredients. These organic sandalwood agarbatis create an incense that is specifically designed to feel refresh for a long time. These greatly help the atmosphere luxurious in matter of seconds and create positive vibration around the environment.

These agarbatis are widely popular among office atmosphere, home use, and and for the worship of God. Sandal fragrance is loved by all and the packing attracts more buyer prefer choosing this agarbathi for everyday use.

4. Pure Cow Ghee Diya for Pooja

Pure Cow Ghee Diya batti is made from Cow ghee that is the best replacement for traditional ghee lamps. The pack of the batti stands burning time of around 30 minutes.

This cow ghee diya batti is mainly used in temples and homes as worship essential. It is wax-free ghee that solidifies the structural rigidity and creates peace of mind and positive energy in the living area.

No chemical substances are added in the manufacturing of cow ghee Diya batti. It signifies good luck, power, strength, and purity. The lighting of divya batti before any occasion invites positive vibration and energy to the atmosphere. Pure cow ghee is considered as pure and more auspicious.

5. Organic Camphor

Camphor is the Worship Essential that is used by all Indian Hindu religion homes. It is used for doing pooja. Many camphor exists in the market that has additional chemical substances in the manufacturing process.

Organic Camphor is the preferred camphor that creates a holy scripture with the god as it burns completely with natural fragrance. It creates a positive aura around the home and increases the energy level.

All organic camphor is made of pure materials which are derived from the pine tree. It is easy to burn and evaporates completely without sparking and never leaves any residue or ash. Pure camphor for arti dispels negativity and keeps the surroundings healthy and prosperous.

Worship Essential

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The normal dhoop is bind with chemicals where an organic dhoop is made with natural and traditional herbs, leaves, and flowers.

The basic ingredients of organic dhoop sticks are Sambrani, Leaves powder, cod dung, sandal powder, honey, and pure cow ghee.

Just hold the organic dhoop stick at the end and light up the dhoop stick with the help of a match-stick. Place the dhoop stick on a heat-resistant surface and enjoy the complete fragrance.

Yes, of course. It helps to prevent dengue and other mosquito diseases.

For regular use, the pack of 50 or 100 agarbatis is enough for a monthly need.

For temple purposes, the camphor needs to be ordered in bulk. For home or office purposes a pack of 50 camphor is enough.

The dhoop stick or camphor must be placed in an incense burner, not on the wall or floor.

Organic camphor guarantees 100% pure camphor from the camphor tree whereas normal camphor is made by use of chemicals and turpentine oil. Organic camphor is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-oxidant in nature.

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